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July Favorites

Hey beauties!!!  It’s that time again, where I share my favorite go-to products that I have been loving this month.  I’m sure you can probably guess two of them right off the bat.   Here is the list of my July favorites:


Quick review:

  • Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette –  I’m not going to keep repeating myself with reviews on this palette.  You all know I LOVE it.  If you want the full review you can read it here.



  • NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette – This all-in-one palette is great for both highlighting and contouring.  You can also color correct with it and use it for bronzing.  It’s great for all skin types & tones.  It applies smoothly, blends evenly and easily,  good pigmentation and natural looking.  I will do a tutorial in the near future.



  • Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay – This is seriously the only mascara I have used this entire month.  I already had a full size tube that came with my Urban Decay On The Run palette, and they sent me another sample when I ordered the Smoky Palette.  I admit, one of the reasons I’ve used this sample all month, is out of laziness.  I have it within reach on my vanity makeup tier (that I made via Pinterest).  However, it is amazing mascara or I wouldn’t have left it out.  It applies very black, and I’m talking like the blackest black!  It lengthens & thickens your lashes too.  It doesn’t dry out or flake off during the day.  Apply away ladies!



  • Maybelline Dreamlumi Touch Highlighting Concealer – This is a gel based concealer & used for brightening the skin and correcting dark spots.  This is actually my 2nd tube.  I use it quite a bit, clearly.  I like to use it mainly as a highlighter.  I apply to my cheekbones, middle of forehead, down the nose, cupid’s bow and center of chin.  Blend it well for a luminous effect.  I believe its similar to MAC’s Radiant Rose if you’re looking for a less expensive option.



  • L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolours – Just like with the Smoky Palette I’m not going to wear you out, going on and on, with this product.  You guys know I LOVE these too.  If you want to read the full review on these click here.  All I will say, is you need these in your life.


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E.L.F. Moisturizing Lipstick Review

Hey beauties!!!!  I wanted to give you guys a quick review today on the e.l.f. moisturizing lipsticks in continuation of yesterday’s “National Lipstick Day”.  I wanted to share an affordable drugstore option with you guys.  These lipsticks come in 13 shades and run $3 a tube. I have seen a lot of mixed reviews on some of the colors but I haven’t been able to try all 13 shades.  However, I have been able to try these four and I really like them.   They are enriched with Shea and Vitamins A, C, & E which is very moisturizing so it doesn’t dry out your lips throughout the day.  OH and the fiance complimented me on “my lipstick” as I was testing it out.    Ladies, you know that’s a good sign when your man notices the color of your lipstick.  😉

Check down below for color swatches and my pros/cons.



  • Pink Minx
  • Flirty & Fabulous
  • Ravishing Rose
  • Red Carpet (Check out me wearing this in this post)


(Sorry for the poor quality blurry pic!!!!  EEEEEK!)


  • VERY affordable at $3 (Can purchase at Target or here)
  • Come in a variety of shades
  • Moisturizing
  • Applies smoothly & evenly
  • Vibrant


  • Not long wearing.  Especially after eating or drinking.  🙁
  • Shows cracking/creasing if lips are chapped

That’s really the only con I could find out of my four tubes.  I have read other reviews that said some of the other colors tend to slide around on the lip/smears easily, applies unevenly and certain colors aren’t as vibrant on the lip as the consumer would prefer.  Like I said, I haven’t had a chance to try all 13 shades, except the ones in this review.   I like them and would repurchase again.

In my opinion, there are more pros than cons if you are looking for an affordable lipstick revamp.  I would like to try some of the others to test them out, regardless of other reviews.

Have you tried these out?  If so, what is your opinion on them?

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National Lipstick Day!



In celebration of National Lipstick Day I decided to show you beauties, three more swatches from the L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolours collection, that I did a review on a few days ago.  If you want to see the full review on this line, click here.


Here are the swatches:

  • Lacque and Roll – La Lacque pen, glossy finish
  • Lacque-y You – La Lacque pen, glossy finish
  • Lacque-y Charm – La Lacque pen, glossy finish


You can purchase these at Ulta, any drugstore or Target for around $9.99 a piece.

In continuation of National Lipstick Day, I will be swatching and reviewing some of e.l.f’s lipsticks in the Moisturizing Lipstick line, tomorrow.

Sneak Peak



Quick Tip Tuesday: When to throw out Mascara.


Mascara has the shortest shelf life in the cosmetic world.  Generally, it should be tossed three months after opening, due to it being a breeding ground for bacteria since it is a liquid.   Also, double dipping when you re-insert the wand increases your risk of an eye infection.  I know most people don’t follow this rule.  Certain brands of mascara can be expensive, so if you do stretch it out,  just make sure you toss it as soon as it gets dry and clumpy.  Please!!!  And toss IMMEDIATELY if you ever do get an eye infection!



How To: Wear Kimonos

When I used to think of a Kimono I immediately thought of a traditional Japanese robe and wondered how that would coincide in today’s fashion .  Luckily, now they come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes.  Kimonos are a hot commodity and so much fun to wear, they are lightweight enough for the summer, but also transition well into fall.  You can wear them a variety of ways:

  • Wear as a swim suit cover up
  • Spruce up a simple tank top and shorts/skirts
  • Break up an all black ensemble or an all white ensemble
  • Dress up a romper or jumpsuit


  • Wear with a LBD or short, tight dress for more of a day time look
  • Pair with a graphic t-shirt and jeans or shorts
  • Pair with leggings
  • Pair with booties


  • Wear over a crop top or bralette
  • Wear with flared jeans/pants for a 70’s boho look
  • Dress up a tank and ripped jeans


Would you wear a Kimono?  If so how would you style yours?  Let me know!


Urban Decay Smoky Eye Tutorial-DAGGER

I had a request via Facebook to do a smokey eye tutorial and thought the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Once again, I broke out the Urban Decay Smoky palette because:

  1. I’m still loving this palette and any excuse to play with it, I will gladly do!
  2. The picture that was submitted to me had a similar color scheme.

I decided to name it Dagger for obvious reasons. Considering I used Dagger in the palette as the main color and it’s just a cool name!


IMG_3430 IMG_3437

Step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Cover entire lid & brow bone with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (or any eyeshadow primer)
  2. Using your finger cover eyelid with an ELF Smudge Pot in Ain’t That Sweet.  Smooth out with a concealer brush. (optional)
  3. Blend COMBUST into the crease using a fluffy tapered shadow brush as the transition color.
  4. Using the same shadow brush blend DAGGER into the crease and also slightly blending onto outer eyelid but not completely covering it.  Also blend into the bottom outer lash line.
  5. Using a round shadow brush dab HIGH onto the inner corner of lid and lower inner lash line.
  6. Using that same brush dab SLANTED onto the center of the lid and center or lower lash line.   Also blend into crease.
  7. Taking a crease brush sweep BLACKMARKET into the outer corner V and slightly blend into the crease.
  8. Sweep THIRTEEN onto the brow bone
  9. Blend any harsh lines
  10. Using the round shadow brush dab into the color HIGH and dampen brush with a setting spray and then dab into the inner lid for a foil shimmer effect.  Do this on the lower inner lash line as well.  (TIP: If you dampen the brush after picking up the color, it keeps the shadow from hardening in the palette)
  11. Line upper lashline with a black liner.  I used Skone Tattooed eyeliner.
  12. Top with two coats of It’s So Big Mascara (or your favorite mascara)


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How To: Clean Makeup Brushes

Hello Beauties!!  I’ve had a few requests to do this post so today I’m going to share pointers on how to care for your makeup brushes to prolong the life of them.   They are an investment to your makeup collection so you’ll want to extend the life of them as long as you can.  This means cleaning them regularly to avoid any breeding grounds for bacteria and everyday build up.   Eww, you don’t want to keep putting that on your face!



Once a week, if not more. I generally clean mine once a week.  Albeit, I have several brushes, which allows me to use multiple ones throughout the week so they are in a rotation.  If you only have a select few, I recommend cleaning more than once a week.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS clean them if you are using them on other people.  When I do a makeup application or a class, I clean them immediately after my client.  Especially before using them on the next.  You don’t want to cross contaminate.  Your clients will appreciate this.  🙂

What cleaning removes:

  • Bacteria
  • Old dead skin cells
  • Dirt
  • Debris
  • Makeup buildup
  • Oils

Cleaning your brushes also makes them supple and soft again.  They tend to get a little dull and scratchy if you go a long period of time without cleaning them.  Think of it like climbing into bed with fresh, clean sheets.  Who doesn’t love snuggling up in that.  That’s how I feel when I use my brushes the next day, after they’ve been cleaned.  (Yes, I’m nerdy that way.  Doesn’t take much to excite me.)


You can use a mild or baby shampoo, white unscented soap (dial or ivory) or a cleanser like MAC Brush Cleanser or Sonia Kashuk Brush Cleanser.  Dampen your brushes with lukewarm water and build a gentle lather with your product into the brush.  If you’re using soap, you can rub your brush across the bar to build the lather, but don’t push too hard.  You don’t want to damage the bristles.  If you’re using shampoo or cleanser just massage into the bristles and rinse in the lukewarm water.  When clean the water will run clear and brushes will no longer feel slimy or slippery.  (Think of how you shampoo your hair in the shower).  Try to avoid soaking the shaft or metal part of the brushes (I admit I’m terrible at this part.  It’s hard to avoid when you’re in a hurry).  If the shaft or metal part gets wet too many times, or doesn’t dry correctly it could cause rust and/or loosen the bristles to where they fall out.

To clean the handles of your brushes take a paper towel or hand towel and wipe down with rubbing alcohol.  The alcohol will clean and disinfect any bacteria that can also be on the shaft.


You will want to lightly squeeze any excess water out of the brushes after rinsing and lay flat to dry on a clean towel.  Generally, I wash mine after my makeup application of that day, or at night before bed so they have plenty of time to dry before use the next morning.


[SIDE NOTE:  If you’re still noticing some stiffness you can use a conditioner after you cleanse them.  Just repeat the steps as you would if you were washing them.  Again, think of your hair in the shower.  Also, you can use olive or almond oil on any brushes that are extra cake-y.  Massage the oil into them before you wash them to break down the residue]

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L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour Stick Review

I always get lipstick or lipgloss samples sent to me in the mail every month so I never really feel the need to purchase them often.  However, I kept seeing the new L’oreal Le Matte and La Lacque display at the drugstore and curiosity got the better of me so I ended up picking up four colors to test out.  There are ten new shades (I believe), five matte  shades and five La Lacque/glossy shades. I got three Le Matte shades and one La Lacque shade.  I am so glad I caved and purchased these!!!  These lipsticks are GORGEOUS.  Right now these are my favorite summer lip colors.  They do run on the more pricey end of drugstore lipsticks but they’re worth it.  They run around $8.99 at Target and Walgreens.  Right now Ulta is having a buy one ($9.99), get one 50% off sale.

They are in the form of a pen, which takes an effortless motion to apply.  They glide on like a dream, very pigmented in color and long lasting.  I haven’t had to reapply often while wearing these.  If you haven’t listened to me on anything yet, now is the time to do so.  You will love these!  I promise!!!  I’m seriously thinking about finishing out the collection (shhhhh….don’t tell the fiance).  😉



  1. Choco-Laque – La Lacque pen, glossy finish
  2. Game, Set, Matte – Le Matte pen, velvety matte finish
  3. Matte For Me – Le Matte pen, velvety matte finish
  4. Matte-r of Fact – Le Matte pen, velvety matte finish


What are some of your favorite lipsticks/glosses?  Let me know!!!


Brown Smoky Tutorial

Instead of doing a typical smoky look, using the normal cool tones, (i.e. grey/purple/black colors). I decided that I wanted to create a warm, brown smoky look using the new Smoky Palette by Urban Decay (get yours here).   This is what I came up with.   Hope you like it!


Step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Apply eyeshadow primer from lash line to brown bone & lower lash line (Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion)
  2. Using a blending brush, sweep Thirteen on the brow bone and softly blend into the crease and the center of the lid.
  3. Blend Combust all over lid and into crease.  Blend extra into the crease to darken slightly more than the lid.
  4. Using a blending brush, blend Whiskey on to the outer V and blend into the crease, and slightly wrapping it around to the outer lower lash line.  Be sure you blend out any harsh lines.
  5. With a smudger brush, dab Armor on the inner corner and softly blend up toward the crease.
  6. Also apply Armor to the outer corner of lid using a blending brush & blend slightly into the crease, and wrapping it around to the lower lash line.
  7. Using your finger dab Dirtysweet onto center of lid.  (For a more dramatic look use a damp brush.)
  8. Using a smudger brush slightly blend Dirtysweet onto center and inner lower lash line connecting into Armor & Whiskey.
  9. Line upper lash line with a dark brown pencil (NYX Slim Eye Pencil).  I drew out a small wing and smudged Whiskey over the top of upper lash line.
  10. Applied two coats of mascara.  (Urban Decay Perversion)


Other products used included:


[Sidenote:  This is one of many smoky tutorials to come.  I’m telling you… I am loving this palette!!!!  Is anyone else loving theirs as much as me???]

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Outfit Post: Crochet Vest

My inner hippie is showing a lot this summer.  I’m really into this throwback 70’s style that is making a comeback, in case you haven’t noticed.  From my Palazzo pants, to my textured blazer & flared denim, and now moving on to my crochet vest.

IMG_3279 IMG_3280


Shop the look:

  • Target crochet vest – exact here
  • Papaya distressed jeans – similar here or here
  • Black Express camisole
  • Jessica Simpson nude heels – similar here (or can wear wedges)
  • Charlotte Russe earrings & bracelet cuff
  • Wal-Mart statement necklace – exact here (wearing the bottom necklace of the trio)

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