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August Favorites

It’s the end of the month so you know what that means….favorites time!  Unfortunately, the list of favorites for this month is short.  I haven’t had time to play around with new products since I was out-of-town for a while and only took a few essentials with me.  Including some products that I listed on the June & July favorites posts.    Which is a good thing, because it means I’m still using them regularly!!!  Right?

aug favs

Quick review:

  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser:  This is a lightweight concealer that hides dark circles, fine lines and gives you that awake look.  I have used it on a blemish or two as well.   I just purchased my 2nd tube of it.  It runs around $9 at the drugstore.  To apply, turn the collar (first use will take several clicks) and the product comes up through the sponge for a smooth and easy application.  I like this concealer mainly because it is long wearing, doesn’t crease on me and doesn’t look “cakey”.
  • Fairweather Fringe Booties (Charming Charlie):  LOVE these booties!  That’s really all I can say!  They are just super cute!  They are made with faux suede and has a 3″ heel so they are comfortable and easy to walk in.  Wear with skinny jeans or dresses and skirts!  (They are $39 and are almost sold out online)
  • Becca x Jaclyn Hill shimmer highlight in Champagne Pop:  This limited edition, white-gold shimmer highlight is beautiful.  It has peachy pink undertones and goes well with most, if not all, skin tones.  It is pricey, running at $38, but it is definitely a splurge worth buying!  A little goes a long way too, so it should last you a while.  It has a creamy powdery finish that blends onto the skin very well and gives you that “dreamy, glowy skin” look.  I LOVE this stuff.  I use it on my face, shoulders, chest, etc.  It will be accompanying me to Vegas for my wedding!!  (Maybe I should take the booties too?  Wear under my dress?  lol)


I’ve posted this picture in a previous post, but you can decently see the shimmer on my cheekbones.

(Taken with an iPhone camera, meh, I need a good camera!  Any recommendations?)


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Outfit Post: Chevron Shirt

Finishing off the weekend with another patterned shirt.  I decided to give you a “tribal” break and went with a chevron pattern instead.  Close enough right?

What I wore:


  • Charming Charlie chevron shirt
  • Papaya black zip pocket leggings
  • Jessica Simpson T-strap black heels
  • Gold statement necklace
  • Express snakeskin clutch

[The exacts are no longer available]

Ok so I lied.  I actually ended up not wearing this as planned.  I was lazy and out riding around in the Jeep today, so I went with flops, jeans and a t-shirt.  This outfit was good in theory…lol.  Save it for another day!


Outfit Post: Tribal Split Back Shirt

I’m continuing the weekend with another tribal shirt post.  You could wear fringe booties with this look as well, but I decided to give them a break and chose these stiletto booties!  🙂  😉  I’m so ready for fall y’all!!!!

What I wore:


Outfit details:


  • Papaya distressed jeans
  • Charlotte Russe split back tribal shirt
  • booties
  • Silver & gold chain necklace
  • Express silver & gold chain bracelets

[The exacts are no longer available]



Outfit Post: Tribal & Fringe part 2

More tribal and fringe?  YAAAAS!!!!!  These booties will definitely appear on my August favorites list. I decided to pair them with this tribal tank and white jeans.  (Previous tribal & fringe outfit post part 1 shown here).  Is anyone else as obsessed with these looks as I am?


Shop the look:  

  • Fairweather Fringe Booties – exact here  (Charming Charlie)
  • Fold and Fringe Clutch – exact here  (Charming Charlie)
  • Express white jean jegging – similar here or here
  • T. J. Maxx tribal tank – not online – similar here or here
  • Gold-tone horn fashion trio necklaces – exact here (wearing top two in trio)


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Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay Review

Oh my gosh!  OH MY GOSH!!!!  OMG!!!!!   I never thought I’d see the day when a palette, other than an Urban Decay palette, would become my favorite.  Well, that day is today!  Too Faced teamed up with social media MUA, Naomi Giannopoulos, and created this gorgeous eyeshadow palette.  Vegas and makeup are two of my favorite things, and now they are combined into one item!!!  How could this not be my new favorite palette?  (FYI: I’m getting married in Vegas in October.)

This palette is very versatile and would be great for travel.  It’s thin, so should fit in almost any makeup bag easily, but has decent sized shadows.  You could carry this one palette and not have to worry about taking others, because the variety of colors & finishes it offers. You can go from day to night, formal, bold etc.  This palette is only $45 and I listed below everything that comes with it!  Get yours here!!!!!!!!

What Too Faced Star Dust includes:

  • 12 eyeshadows-Matte & Shimmer
  • Travel size Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer
  • Deluxe Glamour Dust Glitter
  • 6 Glamour Guides


Eyeshadow colors: Chandelier, Millennial, Girls Night, #selfie, Showgirl, Jackpot, Pink Pearl, The Strip, Follow Me, Double Tap, Golden Nugget, Sin City


For a quick review on the Better Than Sex mascara click here.

These eyeshadows are very pigmented, applies easily & is long wearing.  I really can’t explain how beautiful these colors are!  I’m going to attempt to get a lot of use out of this palette over the weekend, and come up with some different looks for you.  (Other than what is shown in the Glamour Guides 🙂 )


To test the palette, I wanted to try an everyday look so I chose the Glamour Guide called Insta-Star:

  1. Apply shadow primer
  2. Sweep #selfie onto brow bone
  3. Press Millennial onto lid & crease
  4. Apply The Strip onto lid & inner corner of eye
  5. Blend Girl’s Night into crease to define
  6. Sweep Jackpot into outer V & smudge into lower lashline
  7. Apply black eyeliner to upper & lower lashline (I didn’t apply to lower)
  8. Apply mascara


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Quick Tip Tuesday: Eyeshadow Primer

As you guys know, I am constantly telling you to use primer on your lids before applying eyeshadow.  So today’s quick tip is another friendly reminder to use primer!

Five benefits to using primer:

  • Keeps shadow from creasing
  • Gives your eyeshadow a base to stick to
  • Evens skin tone to intensify color
  • Shadow lasts all day
  • Shimmery or colored primer bases can add a different tone and look



Outfit Post: Printed Pants

The printed pant…one of my many favorites (I have a lot of favorites, apparently).  Printed pants are super trendy right now.  Not only are they freaking adorbs, they make them almost pajama like, which means they are uber comfortable to wear!  Much like the Palazzo pant (see post here) I was afraid they would be a challenge to style.  Luckily, I was wrong.  There are many ways you can dress them up or down.  Here are a few examples:


  • Wear with a Chambray shirt or blue jean jacket
  • Pair with a summer tank top and sandals
  • Rock with a graphic t-shirt


  • Wear a fitted or bold colored blazer & heels
  • White or black button up shirt or any black or white dress shirt with a statement necklace & heels
  • Wear a fitted leather jacket for an edgy look w/ heels
  • Bold colored top & heels like below:


Shop the look:

  • Express bold tank – similar here
  • Lila Rose printed pant – similar here
  • Black peep toe heels – similar here or here
  • Express nude clutch – similar here or here
  • Express gun metal cuff, necklace and earrings

Would you wear these?  If so how would you style them?

Makeup look I wore with outfit:


[If you want to see a tutorial on this look let me know]

Products used:

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imPress Press-On Manicure: Review

Have you noticed these Broadway imPress press-on manicures in drugstores?  I kept seeing them and as always, curiosity got the better of me, so I picked up some to try out.  I have used the regular Broadway glue-on nails before but I wanted to try these out, since there is no glue involved, and come in a variety of colors and include accent nails!  Cute right?


I applied these last week sometime so they’ve been on my nails roughly 5-7 days.  They are surprisingly holding up really well.  Good staying-on power.  Super easy to apply.  All you do is pick out the nails that fit your nail bed, wipe your natural nails down with the prep pad that’s included (pretty sure it’s just an alcohol swab),  peel off the sticker on the back of nail and press on firmly.  Directions say to press firmly for the first 1/2 hour to ensure extended wear.  Wait an hour before filing or cutting them down and exposing them to water.  The box says they are easy to remove as well, just peel off from the sides.  Remove any leftover stickiness with polish remover.  I can’t say if they are easy to remove yet or not because I’m still wearing them.  I see them being easy to remove though.


So in theory, while these are a quick and easy manicure substitution, there are two things that I highly dislike about these.  They are really flexible which makes an easy task, such as pushing a pill out of its foil backing difficult.  I know that’s minor but when you take a pill daily, it can be a little frustrating.  However, it’s a con I can live with.  The main dislike that ruins the whole concept for me is, I can’t get the nail flush with my cuticle due to the sticky backing on the nail.  It leaves a little hanging lip, which makes washing & styling my hair very difficult, because my hair gets tangled up under that lip.  You can forget running your fingers through your hair.  My sister said she had the same problem with them.

I will use these again just because I have them and don’t want them to go to waste.  I don’t know if I will purchase them again.  We’ll see over time.  There are 30 nails in each box so you can get several uses out of a box.  Plus they are great if you want to pop them on for a night out or special occasion.  I think they’re super fun for kids to play with too.  But I wouldn’t recommend them for an extended time/every day nail.  Especially, if you have long hair!


  • Affordable ($5.99 a box-30 nails)
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove (my sister confirmed this)
  • Variety of colors
  • Easy to trim & file
  • Waterproof


  • Sticky backing prevents flushness to cuticle.  Causes baldness….hahaha!
  • Sticky backing can also stick up past nail bed, if you’re like me with small ones, so that could lead to unwanted fuzz sticking to back of nail.  I find myself picking at this.  Ick.
  • Flexible, too soft.  Which may be a pro to some people.  Just not to me.  🙁


The reason I’m even messing with press on nails now is because I ruined my nails with acrylics.  I wore acrylic nails for years and years until finally, I had a fungus and mold build up under one.  I guess the nail place I went to wasn’t very clean.  So naturally it freaked it me out.  I had to go to a dermatologist and get on antibiotics and all this other mess.  It took forever for my nails to grow back out and heal from the wear and tear of the drill.  So by wearing the Broadway glue on nails it helped cover the damage and helped me grow them out.  Once they did, I would do manicures at home and kept them in good shape. I went 2-3 years without the acrylics after the incident. Until a few months ago, for some unbeknownst reason,  I decided to go back to the acrylics.  WHY!?  Why did I do this AGAIN!?  I didn’t have them on three months, before this happened:


Ladies, PLEASE refrain from acrylic nails or at least those fast walk-in places.  Sorry to gross you out with this picture but this is where I’m at.  Luckily the mold is gone now but I had to start all over again growing the damage out.  I did let them go natural for a while but going out in public with these damaged nails was embarrassing.  Especially if I’m doing makeup on clients, so I chose the press-ons to help cover the damage while they grow back out and regain their strength.   ***SIGH***

Any beauty blunders you guys repeat?


6 Basic Pieces: 14 Outfits

Today I’m going to show you how to take six basic pieces of clothing and turn them into 14 outfits.  I’m talking “basic-basic” here.  However, I’m going to show you how to wear these 6 pieces in two weeks, without anyone noticing you are repeating the same pieces.  Take a look:

  1. Dressy black tank or camisole
  2. Grey t-shirt
  3. Boyfriend blazer or regular black blazer
  4. White button up shirt
  5. Black skinny pants or black dress trousers
  6. Black pencil skirt


Here are the 14 different ways to mix and match, numbered below:

  • 1 & 5
  • 1 & 6
  • 1, 3 & 5
  • 1, 3 & 6
  • 1, 4 & 5
  • 1, 4 & 6
  • 2 & 5
  • 2 & 6
  • 2, 3 & 5
  • 2, 3 & 6
  • 3, 4 & 5
  • 3, 4 & 6
  • 4 & 5
  • 4 & 6

Whala!  Two weeks of outfits in six pieces.  Ok OK!!!   Someone may notice you’re repeating these items since it’s a little boring right?  All black, grey & white?  While I love doing these combos for a classy look I do like to add a pop of color and/or fun accessories to spice it up.  Here comes the fun part….Mixing it up!!


  • If you want to stick to the all black, grey & white look, keep it classy with either a fun & flirty black heel, black peep toe heel or black pointy ankle strap heels.
  • Kick it up a notch with a fun, classy animal print shoe
  • A color or neutral heel works as well



  • If you’re sticking to the all black, grey & white theme from head to toe, but want a punch of color then carry a bold, bright purse.  Or carry one for the fun of it.  WHY NOT!?  Even if you’re wearing a neutral or animal print as shown above you can still carry a bold, bright purse.  I love mixing colors and prints.
  • You can carry a neutral purse (black, white or nude) if you’re more comfortable with that but maybe try a color block or houndstooth pattern to give it a little more “oomph”.  If you are wearing a bright colored shoe, maybe do a more muted purse like this, so the focus is on your feet.



I love statement necklaces, but I prefer the simplicity of the necklaces shown below, if I’m doing a bold shoe and/or purse.  Feel free to rock a statement necklace though!!  It’s strictly preference!


I showed you 14 outfits with the clothing items, but the possibilities are just about endless with shoes, purses and accessories.   Have fun with coming up with your own combinations, and please share them with me!  XOXO!


Grey Dramatic Winged Liner

Instead of a smokey eye, change up your next “date night” or “girls’ night out” with this simple, sultry winged look.


Go light and natural on the eyeshadow so the emphasis can be on the liner.  Feel free to play around with color as well.  (Purples, greens, blues, etc.)  Have fun with it!


On my eyes:

  • Urban Decay Stark – lid (Naked Basics 2)
  • Urban Decay High – on lid dabbed over Stark (Naked Smoky)
  • Urban Decay Combust – crease (Naked Smoky)
  • Urban Decay Thirteen – brow bone (Naked Smoky)

For the liner:

  • Line your water line with a black pencil
  • Heavily line your lower lash line with color of choice (in my case grey).  Then slowly create a winged effect by drawing the liner up toward the tail of your brown.  Once you have desired wing length connect it to your upper lash line.  [I used e.l.f.’s Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in grey then I traced back over it with a metallic liner from Sephora called Flashy Grey.  I used both, mainly because I didn’t know which one I liked better.  So I decided, why not?]
  • Take a smudger brush & blend Slanted (Naked Smoky) into the liner to smudge it out.
  • Apply your favorite mascara to finish the look.

[I used a sample of Mirenesse iCurl I received in the mail.  I did NOT like this mascara.  All my lashes stuck together, and it didn’t give me the volume or thickness, I normally like.  Albeit, the sample could have been old, but it went into the trash none-the-less.  I wish I had used Urban Decay Perversion or Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara]

  • Lips: I lined my lips with L’oreal’s Lacque and Roll & filled in with L’oreal’s Choco-Lacque from the Colour Riche collection.   Wear a nude lip for a more subtle look or a bold lip for a dramatic look.


(Please disregard my janky eyebrows.  They are in the process of growing back out haphazardly, after getting into a losing fight with my tweezers)

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