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e.l.f. Play Beautifully Unboxing – January 2016

Much like the Ipsy bag reveal post, I’ve decided to add my e.l.f. (eyes. lips. face) bi-monthly beauty box in the regime.  I’m assuming most of you beauties know what e.l.f. products are.  If not, they are a very inexpensive drug store brand, ranging mostly at $1, $3 and $6 price points.  Some of the newer products price at $8-$10. They sell cosmetics, brushes, and skin care.  Check out the website here.  Don’t be deterred by the “cheap” price because they actually have some really decent products.  If you are on a budget then I recommend checking them out or simply just because.  Anyway, they have a program you can sign up for (click here) and every other month they will send you a box of goodies.   The subscription plan is $19.99 + S & H for 6 boxes over the course of the year.  Each box has at least $40+ worth of full size products inside.  I actually ended up canceling my Birchbox (also a monthly product sample subscription) and signed up for this instead.  Same price for the year but with WAY more stuff!  So now that the introduction is over lets get to the fun part!

Well hello!



  • Endless Eyes Pro Mini Palette.  A 32 piece eyeshadow palette in natural.  $7 (Normally $10)
  • Acne Fighting Spot Gel with Aloe.  $2
  • Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer.  $2
  • Clear Brow & Lash Mascara.  $2
  • Studio Contour Brush. $3
  • Makeup Mist & Set.  $3
  • Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose.  $3
  • Kabuki Face Brush.  $6
  • Illuminating Eye Cream. $10
  • Pressed Mineral Blush in Sweet Retreat.  $5  (currently out of stock)

If you add up the cost of all these fun products individually it comes to $43.  For $19.99 it’s a steal and you get to try out new products.  If you don’t like something you can always give it away or stock up on a few things throughout the month and make a goody bag for someone.



A look I created using the products from January’s box:


Mini product review:

  • Endless Eyes Pro Mini Palette- I didn’t have my hopes set too high on this palette until I swatched them.  I was actually impressed with how much pigment swatched out onto my skin.  Then once I started to apply the shadow I was back to square one.  While some of the colors have great pigmentation, I found it difficult to blend easily and had to build the color quite a bit.  For a $7-$10 drug store palette I would recommend one of the Milani Everyday Eye Palettes instead.  I will set this aside for my niece to play with when she visits me.
  • Acne Fighting Spot Gel with Aloe- I only have used it one time (I just got the box yesterday) so I can’t really give an opinion just yet.  It is a roller ball so I’m not too thrilled with that.  I recommend applying it on to a clean finger or Q-tip and then apply to trouble spots.
  • Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer-  I’ve been using this primer for a while.  While it’s not as good as Too Faced or Urban Decay it gets the job done at a $2 price tag.
  • Clear Brow & Lash Mascara – I applied it to my lashes before I applied mascara just to use it.  I don’t care for clear mascara because I want my lashes to be seen!  I could take it or leave it.  I did like the brow portion though.  It smoothed them out and they haven’t moved!
  • Studio Contour Brush – I already have this brush in my collection so I will probably give this one away (I am thinking about doing a give away soon so be on the look out).  It’s the perfect size for applying precise color into the crease or outer V, However, it is a little too stiff.
  • Makeup Mist & Set –  This is great.  I sprayed it on my face once my makeup was done to set it.  It felt amazing on the skin and gave me a light dewy finish.
  • Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose – While this is a pretty color I would recommend the Milani Color Statement Matte lipsticks over these. It was hard to build up and I had to be pretty heavy handed while applying and it was not long lasting.
  • Kabuki Face Brush- OMG!  I forgot to use this!  This was the one thing I was most excited about and completely forgot.  DOH!!!!!  It feels amazingly soft on the skin.  I at least rubbed it across my face.  It claims to give you an airbrushed finish.  When I remember to use it, I will let you know if it’s true.
  • Illuminating Eye Cream – Like with the acne treatment, I’ve only been able to use this once so I have no true opinion as of yet.  It went on lightly and dried pretty quickly and didn’t leave an oily residue.  I feel like it would be ok to use on all skin types.  From oily to dry.  Verdict is still out.
  • Pressed Mineral Blush in Sweet Retreat – LOVED.  It’s a beautiful light pink, natural color and was easy to blend onto the skin.  It has a silky texture to it. I’m a fan of the pressed mineral bronzer so I knew this would be a hit as well.

Overall these Play Beautifully Boxes are fun to receive in the mail even though not all the products will be a home run.  But it is a cheaper alternative for testing products rather than buying them at full retail.  Would you subscribe to this box?  Hope you enjoyed this unboxing.  Everyone have a good weekend!!!!


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How To Wear A Fur Vest

Do you own a fur vest or want to purchase one, but aren’t quite sure how to style it without looking like Chewbacca?  I love fur vests (these are faux fur so don’t throw red paint on me if you see me out and about).  They are a great fall/winter layering staple.  Today I am going to show you a few looks I created so you can get ideas and inspiration from.

Before I get deeper into this post, let me introduce you to Frannie.  I decided a Dress Form would come in handy to do these types of posts with, and frankly I got tired of changing clothes left and right. 🙂  Funny story really quick and we’ll get on to the looks.  I drug her out today and dressed her before I started this post.  I left the room briefly and got side tracked doing something else.  I forgot about her and when I turned the corner and walked back into the room I had a heart attack.  I thought someone was standing in my bedroom….haha!  Frannie is quite the trickster.

Ok enough blabbing….


  • You know I love my flannel!  Add a fur vest and statement necklace to a flannel shirt for a fun twist.  To see more flannel looks click here.



  • I love this outfit.  Pair a fur vest with a button down shirt.  I especially love the Portofino shirts from Express.  You can’t really go wrong with any of these shirts.  Since I chose a solid colored shirt I added leopard print shoes for a flirty twist.



  • Add a vest to black skinny pants or leggings with a white shirt and boots.  I added a sexy boot with a heel and a statement necklace so that this look wasn’t so “Han Solo-ish”.



  • Throw a fur vest on over a chunky sweater to make a perfect winter ensemble.



  • You can’t go wrong with layering a fur vest with a Chambray shirt.  To see more Chambray looks click here.



  • Add a fur vest to a timeless black and white classic look like this pencil skirt, white blouse and pearls.  This is a great outfit for the office and the vest just adds extra OOMPH.



  • Add a fur vest to a simple black dress (Express also makes portofino dresses which are perfect all year round).  You could also add a brown or beige fur vest to an all black ensemble to break it up and add texture.



  • You can also add a vest to a printed dress.  I dressed this animal print dress up with a statement necklace and heels.



  • I posted this outfit before Christmas but felt it could work here too.  Pair a fur vest to a patterned sequin skirt.  It’s a fun way to mix textures together.


Would you wear a fur vest?  If so how would you style it?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear what you come up with.

Here is Brutus yet again “helping” me with a post.  He’s literally sitting on my foot while I’m trying to take pictures.


Let me know if you have any questions about any of the clothing, jewelry, shoes or purses!


Pink Glam Tutorial-Two Looks

I decided to get dolled up today, even though I’m just sitting around in sweat pants working on the blog.  Some days you just need to glam yourself up and I went full force, lashes and all.  I’m sure my dogs really appreciate the effort I put forth.  🙂


I was inspired by two things:

  1. Mean Girls – “On Wednesday we wear pink.”   There just so happens to be a color called Totally Fetch in the palette.  Coincidence?
  2. Gwen Stefani – I mean she’s beautiful and is the Queen of Glam, right?!

I put my spin on the look Gwen is wearing here, and I created it using Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s Palette:


(Picture of Gwen provided by Urban Decay that I received via email)


Step-by-step tutorial for a soft romantic glam look (that I’m wearing above):

  1. Apply shadow primer on entire eye area.
  2. Using a flat round shadow brush, dab Divinity onto the entire brow bone.
  3. Dab Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink, all over your eye lid using your finger.  This will be the base for the pink.  (You don’t have to do this step but it does help make the color more intense and last longer.)
  4. Using a tapered shadow brush blend Almond Truffle into crease.
  5. Dab Totally Fetch onto eye lid with a flat shader brush.  Blend into outer lower lash line as well.
  6. If you want to soften the look like I did, use the same brush and dab Cotton Candy onto the lid and blending up into the crease to smooth out any harsh lines.  Also blend into center lower lash line.  If not skip this step.
  7. Mix Mocha & Cashew Chew using a tapered shadow brush and blend back into the crease for some added depth.  Blend well.
  8. I lightly dabbed Sprinkles onto the center lid and tear duct using my finger.  Then I blended into inner lower lash line connecting the other colors on lower lash line, and blended out.
  9. Take a black eyeliner pencil and line your upper lash line as close to the lashes as possible.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect straight line because you will smudge it out with a flat definer brush.  Then line your inner water line.  [I went back over the lower lash line with Cotton Candy to smooth out the harsh black eye liner.]
  10. Apply mascara.  I also applied lashes for a Gwen glam look.


[This is what the eye would like if you skipped step 6-the softening portion.  I love it too, I just wanted a softer look.]


If you like this look but want to smoke it out for more drama, then here are step-by-step instructions:

(Much like above)

  1. Apply shadow primer on entire eye area.
  2. Using a flat round shadow brush dab Divinity onto the entire brow bone.
  3. Dab Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink all over your eye lid using your finger.  This will be the base for the pink.  (You don’t have to do this step but it does help make the color more intense and last longer.)
  4. Using a tapered shadow brush blend Almond Truffle into crease.
  5. Dab Totally Fetch onto eye lid with a flat shader brush.  Blend into lower lash line as well.
  6. Apply Dark Truffle, using a tapered shadow brush back into the crease for depth.  Blend well.
  7. Dab Earl Grey into outer V using the tapered shadow brush.  Blend out and up into crease.  Blend into outer lower lash line.
  8. Dab Sprinkles with a smudger brush  into tear duct and blend into inner lower lash line connecting the other colors on lower lash line, and blended out.
  9. Take a black eyeliner pencil and line your upper lash line as close to the lashes as possible.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect straight line because you will smudge it out with a flat definer brush.  Then line your inner water line.  If you prefer, you can use a gel or felt tip liquid liner and wing it out.
  10. Apply mascara and lashes.


Other products used:

[Brutus once again in the middle of everything]


If you have any questions about any of the above products let me know!


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Quick Tip Tuesday: Vaseline Uses

Ah the dreaded winter time, thanks to Winter Storm Jonas or Blizzard 2016 or whatever this last snow storm was called, brought a lot of annoyances with it.  Such as dry, cracked or chapped skin and just plain boredom from being snowed in.  After reorganizing my makeup for the third time, I decided to hit up the medicine cabinets and that’s when I saw this jar of Vaseline, which inspired me for today’s post.  Here are a few tips on how to use Vaseline to remedy those winter ailments and other useful beauty tips that can be used all year round.


  1. Rub Vaseline all over dry, cracked heels before you go to bed and cover with thick fuzzy socks.  This will help moisturize your feet over night.
  2. Apply Vaseline to your lips before you start your makeup routine, then wipe off any excess before lipstick.  This helps moisturize them before lipstick application.  This helps make the lipstick last longer and look smoother.  You can also use Vaseline alone as a lip balm.
  3. Lightly dab some around your nostrils to heal and protect a sore, chapped nose.
  4. In a rush to shave your legs and don’t have a lot of time or just missed a spot? Apply a light layer of Vaseline to the skin and shave.  Also great to use as a moisturizer afterwards.  For an extra glow, add in cracked or loose bronzer to Vaseline.
  5. It’s great for removing eye makeup.  Just apply over lids and lashes and wipe away with a tissue or cotton ball.  Also helps dissolve and remove stubborn lash glue.
  6. Use it as a barrier to protect your skin before coloring your hair.  Just apply a layer all around the hair-line to prevent your skin from staining.
  7. Dry cuticles?  Apply Vaseline around nail beds and rub into skin to moisturize.  Also can be used before painting your nails.  It helps as a barrier against skin and creates easy clean up afterwards for a polished manicure.
  8. Can be used on the brows.  Use in place of a brow gel, Vaseline will help tame any cowlicks and will help keep them in place all day.
  9. Have any loose pigment lying around that you just can’t bear to toss?  Mix it with Vaseline to create a lip, eye or cheek pigment.
  10. Use in place of mascara on those non-makeup days.  Not only will it moisturize your lashes, but it will give them a glossy darker look.
  11. Forego your highlighter and use Vaseline as a natural highlighter.  Dab small amounts on the cheekbones or other areas you want a dewy-glowy finish.
  12. Dab a small amount of Vaseline on the same pulse points you apply perfume to before spraying.  Perfume clings to moisturized skin which makes the scent last longer.  Remember to not rub wrists together (see here) after applying.
  13. Stubborn earrings not going in easily?  Apply some Vaseline to your ear lobes to act as a lubricant for posts to glide in smoothly.
  14. Create your own lip scrub by adding some sugar granules to Vaseline.   Can also be used to create a moisturizing body scrub for the shower, simply add sea salt to the Vaseline.
  15. Vaseline helps in healing pesky sun burns.  Apply it to burned areas to keep skin moisturized and to prevent peeling.

What are some Vaseline uses you have?  Do you use any of the tips mentioned above already?  Let me know!!!


La Dolce Vita + More

Get a taste for “La Dolce Vita” or “The Sweet Life” with our luxurious new collection, inspired by the ornate art, architecture, and design of Italy.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this pre-spring collection is both glamorous and classic in their designs, and can be worn with just about everything.  Ladies, start giving that special gent in your life not-so-subtle hints NOW for V-day gift ideas!!

[Shop these pieces and more HERE]



  • Gilded Ivory + Jet Collar Set – “this captivating collar is right on-trend in jet-black and ivory hues, while speckled gold leaf accents add an unexpected twist. Softened geometric shapes, outlined by sparkling crystal pavé, look naturally chic in a romantic, antique gold-plated silhouette – complete with a removable extender. ” -C+I


  • Gilded Ivory + Jet Convertible Earrings – “this dynamic 2-in-1 design can be worn as simply stunning studs or ultra-chic drops! Add a pop of pizazz to your look with speckled gold leaf accents upon ivory + jet black stone. Also featuring modern + geometric facets, + set in versatile antique gold plating, these glamorous go-to’s are a jewelry box hit!” -C+I


  • Heirloom Jet +Pavé Stud Earrings – “A chic update to our bestselling stud silhouette, this pretty + petite pair features an of-the-moment jet-black center outlined by sparkling clear crystal pavé.” -C+I


  • Gilded Jet Statement Bracelet – “Indulge in the beauty of this timeless, on-trend treasure. Set in romantic antique gold plating, speckled gold leaf accents + jet-black stone look naturally chic in geometric shapes that sparkle with black diamond pavé. Complete with an adjustable fold-over closure + removable extender for the perfect fit, this stunning style adds a pop of pizazz to any look – from a casual jeans-+-tee to a sophisticated LBD!” -C+I
  • Gilded Ivory Statement Bracelet – “Add the perfect touch of everyday glamour to your look with this timeless treasure. Outlined by sparkling black diamond pavé, gold leaf ivory stone beautifully complements a neutral color palette for this season + beyond. Set in antique gold plating, this look-of-luxe design is just what you need for those casual-to-cocktails transitions!” -C+I


[Style Tip: Connect the matching Gilded Jet or Ivory Statement Bracelet to the Gilded Ivory + Jet collar necklace for a long + chic style statement.]

  • Gilded Jet Statement Ring – “This captivating cocktail ring features a jet-black center with speckled gold leaf accents. Outlined by sparkling black diamond pavé, a softened geometric silhouette looks naturally chic in romantic, antique gold plating. Both dazzling + detailed in design, this on-trend treasure is a definite must-have this season!” -C+I



  • Tortoise + Chain Convertible Necklace – “Set in antique gold plating + featuring luxe, vintage-inspired tortoise links, this convertible piece is the perfect desk-to-dinner style companion. The ultimate in versatility, we’ve counted five ways to style this one-of-a-kind necklace: layered short with all four rows, layered short with just the chains, styled solo as a chic tortoise necklace, OR go long by removing the converter piece + looping one chain over your head – with or without the tortoise necklace!” -C+I


  • Endless Pavé Link Necklace – “This ultra-versatile design dazzles with luxe antique gold-plated links + touches of sparkling crystal pavé. A must-have for your jewelry box, new hidden link closures add a chic touch to this everyday-perfect piece.” -C+I


  • Tortoise + Chain Multi-Strand Bracelet – “Get wrapped up in this effortlessly chic essential, featuring three rows of luxe + layerable tortoise resin + antique gold-plated links. With an adjustable toggle closure for easy fit, this so-now style plays up any neutral color palette – just what you need for those desk-to-dinner transitions!” -C+I
  • Endless Pavé Link Bracelet – “Arm yourself with this ultra-versatile design, featuring antique gold-plated links with touches of sparkling crystal pavé. Double hidden link closures + a removable extender let you adjust for the perfect fit, making this effortless, everyday essential a definite crowd pleaser!” -C+I


[Style Tip: Attach the matching Endless Pavé Link Bracelet to the matching necklace for a long + chic style statement.]

I love these new pieces and the versatility that they offer.  You can wear the necklaces long or short, mix and match them together or alone as statements.

IMG_0933_Fotor IMG_0935_Fotor_Collage

These truly are investment pieces for your wardrobe because of all the many looks, styles and uses you can create.


You can’t forget these classic finishing touches!!  Perfect for Valentine’s Date Night.

  • Jardins du Midi Perfume – “A fragrance inspired by a midday, sunlit walk through the lush orchards of the South of France.  Notes: Peach Nectar, Bergamot, Jasmine Sambac, White Violet, Vanilla Absolute. Style: Playful, bright, fresh, feminine, floral.” -C+I
  • Jardins du Midi Candle – “Calming aroma inspired by a midday, sunlit walk through the lush orchards of the South of France. Set in a portable metal case, this travel candle can add a finishing touch to your home, or bring the comfort of your favorite fragrance to wherever your journey takes you.” -soy paraffin wax blend-cotton, lead-free wick-6.5 oz.-estimated burn time is 30 hours.   -C+I
  • Liquid Lipstick Set – “Let your personality shine in this liquid lipstick trio infused with cupuacu butter, aloe vera, + avocado oil. Featuring bold berry, dusty rose, + classic red, each brilliant shade delivers long-lasting full color + a smooth, satin finish. Both glamorous + oh-so-giftable, this luxe set-of-three adds the perfect finishing touch for any occasion – from a casual work day, to a haute night-on-the-town!” -C+I

[Love this lipstick.  Check out my review on them here]


[Check out the entire pre-spring collection here]

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Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

In continuation of yesterday’s post “How To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger“, I’m going to show you a few helpful makeup tips for hooded eyes.  While most of those tricks can apply to hooded eyes also, here are a few more tricks strictly for you.

Hooded eye features consist of excess skin that droops down from the brow bone to the lid obscuring the crease, which causes the lid to look smaller or nonexistent.



[Printable face chart via]



  • Use light/neutral matte shades on the lid and blend up into crease socket.  This will help highlight your lids.
  • Avoid dark shades on lid as they will make your eyes appear more heavy and closed.
  • Too much shimmer on the lid will highlight and make the hood more noticeable.
  • Shimmer or light/white shades will work well on the tear duct, giving you a more awake look.
  • Go easy on the brow bone highlight shade.  Too much or bringing it down too far, will accentuate the brow bone causing your lids to recede and appear smaller.
  • How do you shade your crease since there is no “crease” so to speak of with hooded eyes?  Simply create one by applying shadow with your eyes open, just above the natural crease.  If you put shadow directly into the crease, it will only disappear when you open your eyes.  Take a tapered crease brush and lightly sweep shadow in windshield wiper motions from the outer corner to the center.  This creates definition and opens the eye.  Be careful to not bring the shadow all the way in to the inner corner, this can cause the eye to look heavy.
  • For a smokey look focus on the outer corners making sure to blend any harsh lines.  You want your dark smokey shade to blend smoothly with the lighter crease shade.



  • For an instant eye lift, slightly flick or wing out the upper lash line.  This will counteract the shape of downturned/slanted eyes.  Also, when lining the upper lash line, tight line as close to the lash line as possible or line only half way in.  This helps open the eye and makes them appear larger.  If you line too thick and into the inner corner it can cause the eye to appear smaller.
  • When lining the lower lash line, start from outer lash line and stop in the center.  Lining your eyes to the inner corner will also make them appear small & squinty.  For a more awake pop, apply the same shade on the inner lash line as you do your tear duct.
  • Often with hooded eyes, the lids and/or lashes bump up against the brow bone and you end up with smudges or streaks, so felt tip/smudge free eyeliners and waterproof mascaras are key for hooded eyes.
  • Don’t forget to keep your eyebrows groomed!




How To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Unfortunately, not everyone is born and blessed with perfect almond-shaped eyes, but there are a few ways to manipulate your eyes to make them seem larger.  Here are a few tips to make smaller eyes appear bigger:


  • Dark circles can make your eyes look smaller, so applying a concealer a shade lighter and warmer than your skin tone, will counter act the blue/purple tones under eyes.  You can also apply the concealer to eye lids for a more uniform base.


  • Tweeze away any stray hairs to clean up your brow line.  Also, fill in any sparse areas with a brow pencil or brow powder, then brush brows up and over with a spooley or brow brush.  This will give the brow a clean and defined shape.


  • Applying a neutral shimmer shade to your lid will make eyes appear larger.  Think of it as turning on a light switch.
  • Purple/lavender shades also make eyes appear larger and is flattering on most people.  If using darker shades stick to applying them on the outer corners of the eye.
  • Apply white or a light shimmer shade to the inner corner/tear duct area of the eye.  It produces more light and makes the eyes appear larger.
  • Avoid matte shades on the lid as they do not reflect light and might make your eyes look as if they’re receding.


  • Skip the black, instead try using a navy or dark blue liner.  Blue makes your eyes look whiter (ergo bigger).
  • Slightly extending or winging the upper lash line will extend the lash line and mimicking a long lash.
  • When lining the lower lash line, line under the lashes avoiding the water line.  Lining your water line with a dark liner can make your small eyes appear squinty.  Instead, apply white or beige liner to water line to make them appear awake and larger.  Also, when lining the lower lash line, start from outer lash line and stop in the center.  Lining your eyes to the inner corner will also make them appear small & squinty.


  • Curling your lashes with an eyelash curler and using a lengthening mascara will make your lashes appear longer, thus making the eyes appear larger.
  • Applying false lashes also has this affect.

BEFORE     |     AFTER


(I played around with MAC face charts tonight for the first time, instead of myself.  So if it’s janky, you know why)

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


How To Wing Your Eyeliner

First and foremost you need patience to wing your liner, and lots of it!!!!  Girlfriend, I had my liner all jacked up the other night.  I got in a rush and made a mess of myself.  🙂  However, after using a makeup eraser pen and some concealer I corrected my mistakes but it took twice as long to finish the look.  Lesson to myself?  SLOW down and be patient.  A wing can be tricky but I’m going to show you an easy way to achieve this look.

I recommend using a gel liner with an eyeliner brush, liquid liner or a liquid felt tip liner.   However, if you are just beginning I would practice with a black or dark shadow using an eyeliner brush or an eyeliner pencil and practice these steps before jumping into bold gel/liquid liners.  You can always go back and trace over the shadow or pencil with the gel/liquid.

STEPS: (Using gel liner and an eyeliner brush. Lightly dab the brush into the gel as it is very pigmented.  You may have to wipe some off on the back of your hand so you’re not going into the corner of your eye with a blob.  Better to have too little on your brush than too much.  Continue to lightly dab into the gel as needed.)

  • As always apply an eyeshadow primer before you apply your shadow.
  • After finishing your eyeshadow look, pull skin taut and start at the outer corner of your eye and slowly draw a line toward the tip of your eyebrow.  You can make the wing as short or long as you want.  This is simply your preference.


  • Still pulling the skin taut, make a straight line from the corner of the wing to the center of the lid.


  • Lightly line the inner corner of your eye to meet the center, connecting the two.
  • Fill in the outline of the wing and any sparse areas you might have missed.  Fill in the liner as close to the lash line as possible to avoid any skin peeking through.


  • Clean up edges or any mistakes using a concealer and concealer brush.
  • Curl lashes with eyelash curler.
  • Apply mascara to desired look.  You can also add lashes for a more dramatic effect.


Finished Look:


I did another wing on the other eye using liquid liner.  Same steps as above.


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Quick Tip Tuesday: Don’t Rub Wrists Together

Avoid rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume.  The reason being, it breaks down the molecules in the perfume causing the scent to fade more quickly.  Instead, apply the perfume straight to these pulse points and let dry naturally.

[Side note:  Wait until perfume is completely dry before putting on clothes or rolling sleeves back down to prevent water marks or staining]



How To Apply False Lashes

False eyelashes are a super fun way to glam up your eyes for special occasions, girls’ nights out, date nights or just for the heck of it!!  They enhance your eyes, add length, dimension, volume and thickness.  There are lashes for every mood, personality and lifestyle.

What you’ll need:

  • Lashes
  • Tweezers
  • Lash glue
  • Lash curler
  • Small scissors



  • Curl natural lashes with eyelash curler.  (Curling the lashes is recommended so that your natural lashes blend in with the curve of the false lashes, otherwise they may stick straight out causing an unnatural look.
  • Apply a light coat of mascara.  (You can apply mascara after lash application if you prefer.  However, applying mascara first extends the lifetime of your lashes.  You can get several uses out of one pair if properly taken care of.)
  • Carefully pull lashes off their case with tweezers or fingers, from outside in.  Try not to pull too hard because you could rip them in half.


  • Before applying adhesive, place the lashes against your lash line to measure the length of the band.  If you’re lucky like me, you won’t have to trim them.  If the band is longer than your lash line, trim the lashes off the outer corner to properly fit your natural lash line.  (Trimming the outside provides a more natural look versus trimming from the inner corner)


  • Also as you’re measuring the length of the band, leave a small gap between tear duct and the inner lash band.  If you apply them too close to the tear duct not only will they look fake but they will be uncomfortable.


  • Apply the lash glue in a thin line to the band at the top of the strip.  Allow to sit for roughly 45 seconds before applying to the lid.  You’ll want the glue to get a little tacky before applying, otherwise it’ll slide all over your lid and create a mess.  (Lash adhesive comes in clear or black.  I prefer the clear, so if I do have any oopsies, it dries clear and isn’t noticeable).


  • Now the tricky part:  Carefully apply the lashes to the lid.  I start in the middle by pushing the center of the band into my lash line and gently grab the outer lashes with tweezers  and push into the lashline.  Then repeat with the inner.


  • Using your fingers or the back of the tweezers, gently push the band into lash line to set it.


  • DONE!!!!!!!!


  • To remove the lashes, simply tug the outer corner and gently pull off (like you did when taking them out of the case).  If they aren’t coming off easily, apply some oil or eye make up remover to loosen it up.
  • Clean lashes with eye make up remover by rubbing the band with a cotton ball or pad to remove excess glue (or mascara) and store back in the case until next time!  If you don’t wish to reuse, toss them in the garbage.