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Halloween Makeup Ideas

Happy Halloween everyone!!!  To celebrate my favorite holiday, I’m going to share with you some last minute Halloween makeup ideas.  Most of these are with products you probably have on hand already.





How to:  Apply foundation as you normally would and set with powder.    Apply a light brown or orange shadow into the crease of eye creating a transition and bring up into the eyebrow and extend upwards.  Also blend shadow under the socket of the eye.  Using that same shade, contour the cheek bones as you normally would with bronzer to create the hollows for the cheeks.  Repeat steps with a medium brown then a dark brown shadow.  Blend well.  This creates depth.  To finish the eyes apply a black gel or liquid liner around the perimeter of the eye socket and fill in.  Then set with black shadow so you won’t have any creasing.  Apply mascara.  To soften the socket, blend the outer edges with the brown shadow.  The circles do NOT have to be perfect.

For the nose: Trace your nose shape and create two uneven tails at top using any black eyeliner.  Fill in with gel or liquid black liner and set with black shadow.

For mouth:  Using any black gel or liquid liner draw a slight line horizontally from cheek to cheek to create the mouth, then following the shape of your teeth draw vertical lines down to create easy skull teeth.





How to:  Scrape orange eyeshadow into your foundation and mix well to create the orange tint for the face.   Apply to the face like you would for normal foundation application.  Set by dabbing a stipple brush into orange shadow and dab all over the face. Using a black eyeliner pencil, gel or liquid outline the eyes in shape of your choice, nose and teeth. Then fill in with gel or liquid and set with black shadow to prevent creasing.  Next using a angled eyeliner brush draw faint lines with black eyeshadow down the face to create the creases for the pumpkin.  You can go straight down the center of the face, or you can create angry eyebrows like I did or create shapes whatever you want.  Once you have the lines finished to your liking, take a brown shadow and lightly blend out to create shadows.   [Read more…]