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Quick Tip Tuesday: Lemon Slice Bath

Spice up your bath routine by adding lemon slices to your bath water.  Not only does it smell amazing but it has health benefits too.

Such as:

  • It helps even out skin tone
  • It pulls toxins from the body
  • It relaxes tired sore muscles
  • It’s distressing

How to:

  1. Fill your tub up with warm to hot water (whatever your normal bath temperature preference is).
  2. Slice up 2-3 lemons and add to the water.
  3. Let the lemons soak and infuse with the water for 2-5 minutes.
  4. Get in, relax and enjoy.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection

The launch of Too Faced’s Sweet Peach collection has been on my calendar since last spring when they first released the original Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette.  It sold out before I could blink, and I harassed all the Sephora/Ulta employees in the area until I was told it wasn’t going to be restocked and that it was a limited edition.    I even looked on ebay to see what they were selling for and after seeing them go for $200 or more, I decided it was a loss cause.  So with a broken heart, I decided to move on.

As months went by I heard rumors of a possible relaunch of the coveted palette, so you could imagine my excitement when those rumors claimed to be true!   On December 14, Too Faced launched an entire collection dedicated to this delightful peach theme. was expecting an extremely high volume of customers so they created an algorithm that created a virtual line in which you were chosen to shop.  Then once it was your turn to shop you only had a limited amount of time to make your purchases.  However, I don’t think they were expecting over 90,000 visitors to the shop the site for the new collection.  The launch created such a frenzy that it broke the internet!  Tons and tons of complaints poured over all social media platforms, as the virtual line kept crashing and pausing and throwing people in a panic.  I was one of these crazed shoppers that logged onto the website at 12:01 am and was shocked to see that my number in line was in the 12,000s!!!  I have never seen anything like this before, especially over makeup.  After about an hour of impatient waiting, I noticed the line wasn’t dwindling down, so I decided to take a nap.  I just so happened to wake up at 3:30-4:00 a.m. and lo-and-behold it was my turn!  Luckily I didn’t sleep through my place in line!  Sheesh…the things I go through for you guys (and ok, myself)!

I think people (including myself) were concerned that the palette was going to sell out again quickly.  TooFaced was reassuring everyone that there were plenty in stock and would be a permanent collection.  So no worries…there’s plenty in stock and can be purchased at Sephora, Ulta, Macys or

Originally, I only wanted the eyeshadow palette but once I saw how cute the entire collection and packaging was, I couldn’t help myself.  The palettes are made of tin with peach rivets or the raised peach logo, and each includes a mirror. The entire collection smells like peaches too!  If you aren’t a fan of peach scents then this may not be for you…but if so, you’re wrong.  🙂   This sweet peach bag was also included (via TooFaced’s site).  I mean who could resist right?

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e.l.f. Beautifully Precise Brush Collection

I get extremely excited about new launches, especially when said launches are affordable!  e.l.f. has stepped up their game in the brush world.  While I’ve always been a fan of the e.l.f. brushes in general, these are probably my favorite thus far.  Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, they are also decently priced to help with building a brush collection.

These brushes are custom designed with silver ferrules and clear triangular handles for ultimate control.  The bristles are made with luxuriously soft white-fiber hairs.  The brushes are also cruelty-free.

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Eye Cream For Cuticles

Eye cream is a great product for hydrating the cuticles.  After you apply your eye cream, apply the excess to your cuticles.