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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Urban Decay is turning up the heat this summer with this brand new 12 amber-hued neutral eyeshadow palette.  They have taken a whole new spin on the Naked collection by including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas.  This palette compliments ALL skin tones and can be used to create anything from warm sensual daytime looks to sultry-smoky nighttime looks.  The palette launches at on June 23 and online at Sephora and Ulta on July 10 and in stores July 13, and retails for $54.

This is by far the sleekest packaging for an UD Naked palette.  It comes in an oversized “matchbox” and the palette itself is a hard plastic case with a 3-D effect inlay on top.

It also includes a full-size mirror and a double-ended brush.  One end is a fluffy tapered blending brush and the other is a large fluffy shader brush.

There are seven mattes, four metallic shimmers, and one satin shimmer.  Every shade is velvety in texture, rich in color, easily blendable with little to no fallout, non-creasing, and is long wearing.

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Quick Makeup Tips For Glasses

Check out these frame-friendly makeup tips to make those beautiful eyes pop while wearing glasses.

  • Keep it neutral and use light and/or shimmery shades on the lids and use warmer or slightly darker neutral shades in the crease.  Using too dark of shades could potentially magnify dark circles and make you appear tired.
  • Use a white or nude eye pencil to rim the waterline.  This will make the eyes  look more awake and appear brighter.
  • Curl those lashes!  This lifts the lashes up and helps the eyes appear more bright.  Also try a volumizing mascara like L’oreal’s new Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara.
  • Apply eyeliner a shade or two lighter than your frames to make them appear more open.  You don’t want the liner to overpower your eye and make your eyes appear squinty or lost behind your frames.  Also, make sure the thickness of your liner corresponds with the thickness of your glasses.  Meaning the thicker the frames, the thicker the liner.   This helps ensure your frames aren’t overpowering your face.  Extra tip:  Try a winged liner. This not only enlarges the eye but it also turns the eye shape up and is very complimentary to glasses.  (To see how to create a wing, click here).
  • Don’t forget concealer!!!  Shadows from your frames can actually make your under eye circles appear darker than what they really are.  Try using a yellow based concealer to counteract those shadows.
  • Use a primer on the nose, even if you forego foundation completely, this will help prevent the frames from slipping.  If you do wear foundation, set it with a pressed powder to keep the foundation from smudging onto your frames.
  • Don’t skip on your brows.  Your brows frame your frames so to speak.  Glasses tend to be the main focal point of your face so filling in the brows balances out your features.
  • Last but not least, try a bold lipstick.  This will also balance out your features, especially if you’ve gone with neutral makeup everywhere else.

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