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Easy Glitter Glam Eyes

I did this super easy, glitter eyeshadow look last Friday for our “date night-in” and a tutorial was requested on it.  Here are the quick step-by-step instructions on how you can achieve this look as well.



  1. Prime eyes with eyeshadow primer (to prevent creasing).
  2. Apply Bronzed Bell glitter shadow by dabbing wand on to mobile part of eyelid, then lightly blend out with your finger or eyeshadow brush before it dries down.
  3. Dab Molten Midnight by making small dots on the outer V of your eyelid, then take a clean small blending or pencil brush and blend the dots up into the crease.  You could skip this step but it adds definition.
  4. Blend out any harsh lines with a clean tapered blending brush.  Tip: use back and forth windshield wiper motions to blend out crease.
  5. Apply eyeliner of choice.  I went with Urban Decay’s Blackout eyeshadow and smudged into upper and lower lash line with an angled shadow brush for a softer look.
  6. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

(I swear every time I do a closeup eye tutorial, I always have a one or two wild untamable eyebrow hairs 🙄 )

Other products used:

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How To: Wear A Graphic Tee

I think graphic shirts are so playful, fun and quirky and besides, who doesn’t love a good soft t-shirt?   I’ve noticed lately they tend to multiply in my closet (unbeknownst to me of course).  Does this happen to anybody else?  However, as much as I love wearing them, I do tire of the same ole “jeans/lounge wear & t-shirt” look.  Today I’m going to share some simple tips on how to spruce up those graphic t-shirts.

Four basic tips you need for styling graphic tee’s (or plain t-shirts):

  • TUCK– Play with tucking instead of just letting the shirt hang naturally.  There’s the classic full tuck (tuck shirt in completely then raise arms over head to untuck the shirt slightly then straighten out areas that may still be tucked in too much), the front tuck (tuck a small section of shirt into the center of waistband then pull the sides down so they fall out over the waistband) and the side tuck (same as the front tuck except tuck at either the left or right hip bone and pull down other side).
  • KNOT– This is a great way to style those oversized t-shirts.  Tie a front knot for a cinched waist or cropped top look.  Take it a step further and tie a knot to the side for an asymmetrical look.
  • BLING– Bling bling baby!  Pair with statement jewelry or shoes (or both) to dress up the t-shirt.
  • STRUCTURE– Think moto jacket, jean jacket, button down shirt, leather pants, pencil skirt, maxi skirt or fitted blazer.

Sample lookbook:


Quick Tip Tuesday: Diamond Ring Cleaning Hack

I was examining my ring the other day to make sure the diamond wasn’t loose in the setting and under closer inspection, I realized there was this god awful haze on the band and gunk all over the diamond. I’m not gonna lie, it grossed me the heck out.  If you’re like me and hardly ever take off your ring(s) then you probably notice that it’s not near as shiny or lustrous as it used to be.  It’s not always easy to get to the jeweler for a shine up or it can just be plain inconvenient,  so I’m sharing my go-to hack that will shine it up like new without even having to leave the house.  This can be used on diamond earrings and necklaces too.

All you need:

  • Liquid Dish Soap (like Dawn)
  • Warm Water
  • Small Bowl

This method is safe for all settings and metal types.  Simply add dish soap and warm water to the bowl and soak ring for 20-40+ min depending on how dirty it is.  If there is still any leftover residue, use an old soft bristle toothbrush and lightly brush the ring.  Never use sharp or hard metal to remove residue as you could damage the metal/diamond or loosen the setting.  Rinse the ring under warm running water to remove all soap and repeat if necessary.


Boxcharm Unboxing: July 2017

WOAH….little bit of a gap here since my last unboxing.  Sorry about that!!!!  If you really care about the past ones, you can go to my Instagram and look back at my previous boxes.  Otherwise, we’ll continue on and act like there wasn’t a giant gap…

If you live under a rock or aren’t aware of what Boxycharm is, let me enlighten you…it’s a monthly subscription box where you receive 4-5 full size products worth over $100 for only $21 a month!  It’s like Christmas every month, really.  Out of all the beauty monthly subscription boxes, this is by far my favorite one.

This is the look I created using all the wonderful products I received this month:  (details at bottom)

Here are said wonderful products:

July’s theme is “Cutie Pie.”

This month’s box was worth $127.00 and the products included were: [Read more…]