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Quick Tip Tuesday: Shop Your Closet

Does this sound familiar…

“I have absolutely nothing to wear!”

…but your closet looks like this?

Chances are, you have several pieces in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn or have only worn one time.  My tip is to shop your closet!  Regardless of it’s size, go through and pick out all the clothes that still have price tags (guilty) or that you have only worn once.  If you have the room, create a space in your closet (or you could use a spare closet) and put all the unworn/one time worn clothing in one spot.  Then when the statement from above arises again, skip the mall and go to that new section of your closet.  Not only will it save you money, it’ll save you time and energy looking for an outfit.


10 Must Haves For Your Makeup Bag

There are so many makeup products in the beauty world today that it can be down right overwhelming trying to pick and choose what you need (or want).  If you’re a beginner starting out or need some guidance, these are the basic staples that I feel everyone should have in their makeup bag. Not only are they great for day-to-day use but they stand the test of time.


1.  Moisturizer/SPF:  A MUST HAVE for everyone.  Great skin starts with a moisturizer, in return moisturized skin makes a noticeable difference to makeup application.  Foundation applies smoother and more evenly to moisturized skin and it also helps make fine lines appear less noticeable. If you can find a moisturizer with an SPF then I highly recommend going that route.  SPF helps prevent the signs of aging and skin cancer due to sun exposure.


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Quick Tip Tuesday: Prevent Hose/Tights From Running

Spray your tights or panty hose all over with a light coat of hair spray to prevent holes from forming or running.  The hairspray bonds the fibers together making them harder to snag.