Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection

The launch of Too Faced’s Sweet Peach collection has been on my calendar since last spring when they first released the original Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette.  It sold out before I could blink, and I harassed all the Sephora/Ulta employees in the area until I was told it wasn’t going to be restocked and that it was a limited edition.    I even looked on ebay to see what they were selling for and after seeing them go for $200 or more, I decided it was a loss cause.  So with a broken heart, I decided to move on.

As months went by I heard rumors of a possible relaunch of the coveted palette, so you could imagine my excitement when those rumors claimed to be true!   On December 14, Too Faced launched an entire collection dedicated to this delightful peach theme. was expecting an extremely high volume of customers so they created an algorithm that created a virtual line in which you were chosen to shop.  Then once it was your turn to shop you only had a limited amount of time to make your purchases.  However, I don’t think they were expecting over 90,000 visitors to the shop the site for the new collection.  The launch created such a frenzy that it broke the internet!  Tons and tons of complaints poured over all social media platforms, as the virtual line kept crashing and pausing and throwing people in a panic.  I was one of these crazed shoppers that logged onto the website at 12:01 am and was shocked to see that my number in line was in the 12,000s!!!  I have never seen anything like this before, especially over makeup.  After about an hour of impatient waiting, I noticed the line wasn’t dwindling down, so I decided to take a nap.  I just so happened to wake up at 3:30-4:00 a.m. and lo-and-behold it was my turn!  Luckily I didn’t sleep through my place in line!  Sheesh…the things I go through for you guys (and ok, myself)!

I think people (including myself) were concerned that the palette was going to sell out again quickly.  TooFaced was reassuring everyone that there were plenty in stock and would be a permanent collection.  So no worries…there’s plenty in stock and can be purchased at Sephora, Ulta, Macys or

Originally, I only wanted the eyeshadow palette but once I saw how cute the entire collection and packaging was, I couldn’t help myself.  The palettes are made of tin with peach rivets or the raised peach logo, and each includes a mirror. The entire collection smells like peaches too!  If you aren’t a fan of peach scents then this may not be for you…but if so, you’re wrong.  🙂   This sweet peach bag was also included (via TooFaced’s site).  I mean who could resist right?

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What’s New At The Drugstore Haul: Winter 2016

The drugstore is popping with new launches from several makeup brands right now.  I wish I could grab one of everything so I could share with you, but let’s be real, the hubby would probably leave me 🙂 and I don’t really need it. WANT, yes.  NEED, no. However, I did grab a few things that I think you’d like and I love sharing affordable options for you, so let’s get started!


Revlon Diamond Grip Makeup Brushes:  I am a drugstore brush snob, I actually try to avoid them.  The only drugstore brush brands I like are e.l.f. or Sonia Kashuk so when I saw these I figured “what the heck, I’ll try it out”.  Walgreens had a whole display that included: A big fluffy powder brush, blending brush, blush brush, crease eye shadow brush, all over eye shadow brush and one other one (drawing a blank).  They had the large powder brush out so you could get a feel for it.  To my surprise, the bristles felt super soft, they have a sleek diamond handle,  and a nice professional look. I picked up the Crease Shadow and All Over Shadow Brush.  I have tried them out and have mixed feelings.  I think they’re good for the price ($10.99) but they don’t compare to my Sigma or MAC brushes.  I didn’t feel like they picked up a lot of product (although it could have been the palette I was using and not the brush itself) and the crease brush shed on to my face.  I’m hoping it will stop shedding after it has be broken in.  I really like the  size of the crease brush.  It is perfect to get around the eyeball and into the crease.  It has great control for product placement.  The all over shadow brush was great for the brow bone.  The small issues I have with these brushes doesn’t deter me from recommending them.  They’ll probably end up being my favorite within a week.

[Side note:  I can not find these online but they are in the store at Walgreens]




Milani Everyday Eye Palette: Plum Basics/Bare Necessities/Smoky Essentials/Earthy Elements.  I love Milani products so when I saw that they came out with these little palettes I think I may have squealed  in the store.  They’re regular shadows are great so I have no doubt these will be as well.  I haven’t tested or swatched them yet but when I do I will let you know my thoughts.  Each palette has everything you need to create the perfect look: Matte & shimmer shades, a highlight shade, a transition shade, crease & lid.  You could even use the darkest shade as an eyeliner.  On the back there are instructions on how to do a look too.  These run $9.99 each.



Rimmel Contour Compact:  These contour palettes are popular right now.  I know Maybelline has come out with some that are getting rave reviews.  This is the first time I’ve seen the Rimmel ones.  They come in light, medium and dark.  I grabbed the medium compact because, I preferred the bronze and blush color in this one over the light.  I like that the packaging is small so would be light for travel.  These are $6.99 each.

[Side note:  I can not find these online either but they are in the store at Walgreens]



The rest are Wet-n-Wild products.  I LOVE their eyeshadows, liners and blushes.  WNW products are unbelievably affordable and you get a lot of bang for that buck.  The shadows are so pigmented, blend well, long lasting and the best part is they usually never run over $7.00!  In fact almost all of their products are under $10.

Wet-n-Wild Illuminating Palette:  Catwalk Pink (new formula).  Confession…I paid $38 for a single highlighter (Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop) and WNW has this beauty for $4.99.  It’s twice the size too.  Don’t get me wrong, the Becca highlighter is a GREAT product and is probably still my favorite powder highlighter, I highly recommend it if you want to splurge on a high end product.  However, this is a very close contender and it comes with four shades that can be worn separately or together.  I’d go this route if you are wanting a steal.  Heck, I’d go this route regardless, if you are a highlighter fan!

[Side note:  Again, I can not find these online either but they are in the store at Walgreens]




Wet-n-Wild Studio Eyeshadow Palette: Coming In Latte/Quartz Center.  Seriously, these palettes are only $6.99!!!  10 shadows for $6.99!  These colors are so incredibly pigmented and gorgeous.  The brushes that come with it I would toss and just use what you have on hand already.  Check out the swatches!

[Side note:  As usual, I can not find these online but they are in the store at Walgreens]


Coming In Latte


Quartz Center



Wet-n-Wild Color Icon Blush: Pearlescent Pink.   They have reformulated their color icon blushes so I grabbed Pearlescent Pink (I have the old formula) to test the difference.  Also on the display was Mellow Wine and Rose Champagne.  Wow it’s reformulated alright!  Warning:  Use a light hand when applying this new formula because it is VERY pigmented (as you’ll see in the side by side swatch).  The old formula is fine but requires some layering.  Thumbs up on the new formula WNW and thank you for giving us more product for the same price! ($2.99).

[Side note:  The brush that comes with it is dinky, toss it.  OH and ditto with the online thing but they are in the store at Walgreens]





Wet-n Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner:  Black. ($3.99) I have discovered my new favorite black eyeliner.  The felt tip was very easy to use and the liner glided onto the lid with ease.  The color is very dramatic black and easy to do a wing with.  This is a must ladies!  (Don’t get it confused with the Mega Eyes felt tip).

Wet-n-Wild Graphic Marker Eyeliner:  Black.  ($3.99) This one scares me.  If it’s anything like the felt tip I may end up looking like a Panda.  I haven’t attempted to try it out so wish me luck when I do.  I’m thinking it will be a great liner for a dramatic wing.

Wet-n-Wild Highlighting & Concealing Pen: Nude.  ($4.99) Personally I like the Maybelline highlighting pen better but for $4.99 it’s not bad.  I can’t give it a full review because I haven’t really used it.  I briefly swatched it.

Wet-n-Wild Velvet Matte Lip Color: Charred Cherry. ($3.49) Other colors: Nude Streak, Lie Lack and Berry Tales. Meh…I suggest splurging more and purchase the L’oreal Le Matte lip pens ($9).  When I swatched it on the back of my hand it was really patchy and more pink than the wine color that  I was hoping it was going to be. (Like the lid top.)  It was just ok.  It did glide on my lips well but was even more pink on my lips than my hand.

[Yep, you guessed it, can be purchased in store]



What are some drugstore products that you like?  Let me know!!

Brutus loves helping me blog.  I especially love it when he plops down in the middle of everything.  As you can see, he’s quite the assistant!!



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Drugstore Eyeshadow Haul & Reviews

Recently I was asked for a drug store recommendation on decent but affordable eyeshadows, and I realized I couldn’t answer the question because I didn’t have any! Whaaaaat?!?! The only drug store shadows I own are the NYX Avant Pop palettes, that I did a review on recently, and some Disney Princess e.l.f. palettes, that I have on hand for my nieces to play with when they visit. I have drugstore everything BUT eyeshadow!  I decided to do some research and purchased a few items to test out, so I can finally make recommendations. I bought all of these for under $40 total!  The Urban Decay Naked Palettes run $54 each.  I’ll let you do the math…..ANYWAY….Here is what I picked up:


Now don’t get me wrong, Urban Decay Naked Palettes are still, by far my favorite eyeshadows.   I just wanted to show you beauties a budget friendly alternative.



I don’t want to use the word “dupe” here but supposedly this is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked.  While the colors are very similar to each other, they do not show up quite as vibrant as the Urban Decay palette.  However, this palette blends well, stays on throughout the day and doesn’t crease.

[SIDENOTE: Use an eyeshadow primer.  I have a slight suspicion that it might fade slightly and crease if you don’t.  I do not know this for a fact because I use primer all the time.  It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap a shadow is, it will crease on my eye no matter what, if I don’t use one.]


  • Affordable
  • Blends well
  • Variety of colors.  Matte & Shimmer
  • Applies smoothly & easily
  • Doesn’t crease
  • Long lasting


  • Slight fall out due on some of the matte colors




Personally, I prefer the Nude 2 palette over Nude 1, because the colors appeal to me more.  This palette has cool tones and the pigment is slightly better.  I am in love with the colors!  I can see me reaching me for this palette quite a bit in the near future.


  • Affordable
  • Very pigmented
  • Blends well
  • Variety of colors.  Matte & Shimmer
  • Applies smoothly & easily
  • Doesn’t crease
  • Long lasting


  • Possible fall out.  I don’t have any cons as of yet.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette


Wow!  I never thought in a million years, I’d cave and purchase a Wet n Wild palette.  I always “assumed” they weren’t up to par.  Well, you know what they say about “assuming”.  I am here to tell you, this palette is the bee’s knees and only $5!  Look at those colors!  They are so beautiful.  The only negative I can find to say about this palette is that there aren’t any matte colors.  Which, to me, is fine!!  I have plenty of matte colors in other palettes to mix with.  I will definitely be doing some tutorials in the near future with this palette.  As I said with the Nude Palettes, you will want to wear a primer with this too.  I sound like a broken record regarding eyeshadow primer.


  • Very affordable
  • Applies like a dream
  • Very pigmented
  • Variety of shimmery metallic colors
  • Long lasting
  • Doesn’t crease


  • None….unless you consider no matte shades a con.



I’m not going to go into much detail with this one mainly because it has similar pros like the Comfort Zone palette, is all neutral colors and only $3.  I mean $3?!?!  Why not?!  Just get it!





I’m lumping these two palettes in the same group.  I did not like these at all.   The pigmentation is too light and they didn’t swatch well.  It took multiple times swatching to build the color.  The only color I like out of the two, is the aqua color in the Poster Child palette.  I picked these up hoping they would be a dream like the Comfort Zone or Naked Truth.  Can’t win them all I guess.

I will use them from time to time to continue to test them out.  Who knows, they may end up growing on me or end up in the play pile for the nieces.

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Ulta Haul (June 2015)

I may have went a tad bit overboard in Ulta (sorry Sephora).  In my defense they were having a buy one get one half off on several items.  So I may have partook in said sale.  Just to get an idea of the size of the bag I had some special helpers show you.


I believe Brutus is beyond eager to show you ladies the goods


So the backstory to buying so much all at once is I’m slowly building up a makeup kit for freelance makeup work.  (Along with event hairstyling and wardrobe consultation).  As much as I would love to buy all MAC products it just isn’t realistic. I am pretty well stocked in name brand eyeshadows and other products but for now to start off with I’m going to stick with NYX and some other drug store brands that I know from personal use and experience that are amazing products.


Covergirl’s Ready Set Gorgeous foundation is probably my favorite drug store foundation that I have discovered.  I am picky when it comes to foundations, BB creams, etc.  This gives me an airbrushed look and doesn’t cake up. Since I have been wearing it I have received more compliments on it that when I wore my MAC Studio Fix.  It runs only around $7-$8 a tube vs. $30+ I decided to start my kit with this.

(I love MAC!  Don’t get me wrong but when I find a product that is just as good or better for half the cost I’m jumping on it)

I grabbed two Ulta brand pressed powders, a Smashbox travel kit and invested in 6 NYX mascaras ranging from waterproof to big and bold.  I also purchased 6 new NYX Intense Butter Gloss tubes in a variety of colors.  Also for my kit I purchased some NYX concealers,  Ardell lashes, NYX Avant Pop Shadow Palettes in Art Throb and Surreal My Heart.  I also purchased four other individual NYX eyeshadow colors.  I’m sure there will be some tutorials coming as I kind of got these more so for me than for the kit.  I mean I have to at least try them out right?!

Now for me I did grab two items.  They were running a gift set deal 2 for $40.


The Cheeky kit includes a contouring trio, finishing spray, matte foundation primer and a double sided blush/contouring brush.  The Matchmakers kit includes a Mattifying Balm, lip primer, mascara primer, shadow primer, eye concealer pencil, Fabulous Face primer and a beauty blender.  Guys, (or gals I should say), a beauty blender is $15-20 alone.  If you don’t have one of these I strongly urge you to get one.  They are amazing.  They blend your makeup so smoothly.  I will do a post on them and different types of brushes soon.  So the point to this long story is these sets are amazingly priced.  So I’m very excited about trying these out for you and giving you upcoming reviews.

Also, I got a free gift from purchasing the Covergirl products which included a travel makeup bag and a mascara.  Talk about a deal!!!!

Have any of you used these products before?  If so give me your feedback!


MAC Eye Shadow Overhaul

It looks like Christmas came early to the Holley Household!!  Well at least in my eyes it did. Perhaps maybe I should say “on” my eyes.  These were literally just delivered to my doorstep and I had to share my excitement with everyone immediately!


Who doesn’t love free samples?  Who doesn’t love MAC eye shadows?  Who doesn’t love purchasing a ton of MAC eye shadows all at once? Until reality sets in and then you face buyer’s remorse after you break the bank.  **SIGH**  We’ve all been there.  Well, now thanks to Nordstrom, you can.   They have put together three different palettes all containing 15 beautiful shades.  Plus three free samples when you order online.  Now here’s the kicker ladies….They are only $85 each (a $160 value)!!!!  I knew I had to jump on this offer right away!



Now, I’m not saying go out and buy any or all three palettes (unless you just want to) but if you are interested in building up a MAC eye shadow collection, this is a great starting point. They offer a Naturals Palette, a Cool Neutrals Palette and a Warm Neutrals Palette. There are plenty of color varieties in each palette so you can’t go wrong with which ever one you choose.  If you’re up in the air on a decision I recommend going for the Naturals Palette.  It has a little bit of both the cool and the warm tones to play around with for endless combinations.  I will point out that there are a few repeat shades within the trio but not enough to have deterred me from buying them all at that price.



Shades include: – Vapour – All That Glitters – Wedge – Satin Taupe – Honey Lust – Ricepaper – Amber Lights – Saddle – Mulch – Woodwinked – Omega – Brun – Embark – Beauty Marked – Carbon

[Get the Naturals Palette here]



Shades include: – Flounce – Sweet Allure – Sun Tweaked – Blackberry – After Dusk – Pick Me Up – Crushed Clove – Cozy Grey – Deception – Brun – Silver Fog – French Clay – Cumulus – Pearled Earth – Black Tied

[Get the Cool Neutrals Palette here]



Shades include: – Hey – Warm Breeze – Gingersnap – Dark Brew – Dance in the Dark – Brulé – Vanilla Extract – Honey Lust – Amber Lights – Saddle – Lemon Tart – Butterfudge – Creative Copper – Unwind – Divine Decadence

[Get Warm Neutrals Palette here]

If you would like to see swatches or any tutorials on any of these palettes please let me know.

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