Fall Makeup Trends 2017

Fall is right around the corner y’all!  In celebration of that, I thought I’d share some of the makeup trends I’m seeing this season (same as I did last year).  I’m just going to post these trends and let you form your own opinion…


This is probably the easiest trend of the four I’m showing you today.  Basically, all you have to do is buff a bold color of your choice all over your lid and blend into the crease and blend down into the lower lash line.  Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara of your choice, you could apply lashes for more oomph.

I’m not going to lie, I am actually kind of digging this, but to make this trend more wearable you could wear a light to medium bold shade of choice or keep it simple and go with a neutral shade.


This really isn’t a new trend so to speak, but I have been seeing it a lot online and on runway shows.  Out of these trends, this is the one I recommend the least.  It is the least wearable option in my opinion, due to the fact it can be messy and can’t be worn for long periods of time.  Apply a tacky clear gloss or balm by patting it on the eyelid.  You could use vaseline but it will be a little too greasy and will make a bigger mess.  The tackier the gloss, the better.  It can be worn alone or over eyeshadow.  Finish off with mascara.  Now this look will end up creasing so don’t expect to wear it all day/night.  For demonstration purposes I applied some gloss over the bold smoky eye so you could see the difference.

**As a rule always be mindful of putting products around the eye area that isn’t formulated for the eye**


Yes, you read that correctly….glitter…freckles….(pause for thought).  This might be a fun look if you’re Punky Brewster or 12.  I could see maybe doing this for a music festival, Halloween or even a Christmas party, but I wouldn’t recommend going into the office with glitter freckles.  Apply “freckles” by lightly dabbing on the glitter in areas you want (pretty self explanatory there).  Apply different sizes to give it a less uniformed look.  I recommend using a glitter gel/eyeliner such Urban Decay’s Metal Glitter Eyeliner or Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter for easier application.  If all you have on hand is loose glitter, sprinkle some in the lid of the container and spray with setting spray to make it a wet paste, then dab on with a pointy eyeliner brush.

(My facial expression says it all)


You can make this as natural, smoky or as bold as you’d like.  If you need a guide, you could use scotch tape to get the precise angle you want.  Tear off a small piece of tape and remove some of the stickiness by dabbing it on the back of your hand a few times.  You don’t want to immediately stick it to your face, as it will pull the sensitive skin around your eyes.  Apply tape about 1/4″ away from lower lash line (if you stick it right against your lash line you’re defeating the purpose of “reverse” cat-eye).  Take a flat definer or angled eyeliner brush and apply shadow of choice from outer corner of eye up towards the tail of the brow and blend into lower lash line.  Blend half way onto upper lash line to meet at the outer V.  This marries the two together, but the majority of the shadow should be on the bottom.  Remove tape and apply mascara.

Now, what I want to know is would you wear any of these?  If so, please send me pictures of your looks or tag me on social media, I’d LOVE to see them.  (My social media links are on the upper right hand side of the site).

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Boxycharm Unboxing: September 2017

Most of you know this, but for those that don’t, Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box where you receive 4-5 full size products worth over $100 for only $21 a month! If interested in signing up you can subscribe here.

This month’s box included the Soirée Diaries eyehsadow palette by PUR Beauty, a brush duo by Bodyography, a MAC brow pencil in Lingering, Studio Makeup loose pigment blush, a Briogeo hair mask and a Colourpop liquid lipstick in shade Strut. (Some products may vary).

Fall look I created using everything in the box.

(I even washed my hair for y’all so I could use the mask.) [Read more…]


Easy Glitter Glam Eyes

I did this super easy, glitter eyeshadow look last Friday for our “date night-in” and a tutorial was requested on it.  Here are the quick step-by-step instructions on how you can achieve this look as well.



  1. Prime eyes with eyeshadow primer (to prevent creasing).
  2. Apply Bronzed Bell glitter shadow by dabbing wand on to mobile part of eyelid, then lightly blend out with your finger or eyeshadow brush before it dries down.
  3. Dab Molten Midnight by making small dots on the outer V of your eyelid, then take a clean small blending or pencil brush and blend the dots up into the crease.  You could skip this step but it adds definition.
  4. Blend out any harsh lines with a clean tapered blending brush.  Tip: use back and forth windshield wiper motions to blend out crease.
  5. Apply eyeliner of choice.  I went with Urban Decay’s Blackout eyeshadow and smudged into upper and lower lash line with an angled shadow brush for a softer look.
  6. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

(I swear every time I do a closeup eye tutorial, I always have a one or two wild untamable eyebrow hairs 🙄 )

Other products used:

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Boxcharm Unboxing: July 2017

WOAH….little bit of a gap here since my last unboxing.  Sorry about that!!!!  If you really care about the past ones, you can go to my Instagram and look back at my previous boxes.  Otherwise, we’ll continue on and act like there wasn’t a giant gap…

If you live under a rock or aren’t aware of what Boxycharm is, let me enlighten you…it’s a monthly subscription box where you receive 4-5 full size products worth over $100 for only $21 a month!  It’s like Christmas every month, really.  Out of all the beauty monthly subscription boxes, this is by far my favorite one.

This is the look I created using all the wonderful products I received this month:  (details at bottom)

Here are said wonderful products:

July’s theme is “Cutie Pie.”

This month’s box was worth $127.00 and the products included were: [Read more…]


Easy Glam Eyes Tutorial

This glam eye makeup look was achieved with using only one eyeshadow color.  Yes, I said one!  Follow this super easy step-by-step photo tutorial to get the look!




  1. Prime eyelids using a shadow primer.
  2. Using a tapered blending brush sweep Gilded Envy all into the crease to build a base.
  3. Using your finger, dab that same color all over your eyelid up into the crease.
  4. Using the same tapered blending brush, apply slightly more shadow to the crease to build intensity and blend out.
  5. Line upper lash line with black liner.
  6. Line lower outer water line with black liner and extend and connect to upper lash line to create a wing.
  7. The liner doesn’t have to perfect because next you will smudge it out with a smudger brush.
  8. Clean off the smudger brush and sweep Gilded Envy onto lower lash line, blending into the liner and apply to the tear duct area.
  9. Apply mascara.  For extra glam, apply lashes.  (See how to apply false lashes here)


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Throwback Thursday- Favorite Red Lip

As most of you know, the blog has had a recent facelift and has come quite a long way since I started it last June.  If you’ve been a faithful follower since the beginning then you probably have noticed the changes in the layout, picture quality, etc.  Today I wanted to reflect on that and throw it back to one of my first posts, which happens to still be one of my favorites.  I hope you re-enjoy the post as well!

Original Post:

My Favorite Red Lip

I typically wear a lot of nude and neutral lip glosses and lip sticks on my lips.  Every now and again I like to switch things up and rock a bold lip color.  My favorite bold lip is a bright red gloss and pencil by MAC.  I use the Cherry Lip Pencil mixed with the Longwear Lipglass Driven By Love.  The colors mix very well together.   They are absolutely gorgeous!  GORGEOUS!!!


Get the look:   MAC Cherry Lip Pencil    —   MAC Lipglass Driven By Love

The Lip Liner has a very creamy texture which glides on or fills in very easily. (Almost too easy, so you want to be careful and not color outside of the lines if you catch my drift.) I have used it by itself before.  I just applied some clear gloss or chapstick on top of it and called it a day.  However, I prefer pairing it with the Lipglass.  It just gives it that extra oomph!  It’s so smooth, creates lots of shine and is long lasting.

How I achieve the Perfect Red Lip:

  1. I pat my lips with a little foundation, BB cream or powder (whatever I’m using that day) to create a primer.
  2. I like to line my lips with a full line vs a thin. It just seems to work better for me.  I feel like it holds the color longer.  Also I create an X on the Cupid’s Lip to help create a more precise line.
  3. Then I apply the Longwear Lipglass and touch up the outer rims of my lip with my beauty blender to smooth out any of the color bleeding. (I still color outside the lines sometimes….oops)


Do you have a favorite red or bold color?  Let me know what you like to wear.

[BONUS TIP:  A natural eye with a slight winged liner is a good contrast with a bold lip]

FullSizeRender (1)

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Boxycharm Reveal: January 2016

I know, I know…I can read your mind.  “Another subscription box Halie?  Really?”  Well, yes.  I’m late to the party on joining this one, as you can tell, since I just received my January box.  Better late than never, right?

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription plan that sends 4-5 FULL size beauty products for $21 a month, plus free shipping.  Each box is a $100+ value.  SEE!?  This is why I am obsessed with subscription boxes.

(Subscribe to your box here)


This month’s theme is “Eye’s On 2016” so the focus was all eye products, which included:  Makeup brushes, mascara, eye liner and a smoky eyeshadow palette.  Unfortunately, my mascara was missing.  🙁  My kind of luck…I opened the tin tube it comes in and there was nothing there.  Luckily if something like that happens or it arrives damaged, they will replace it for you.

[Read more…]


Day to Night NYE Quick Look

I created two looks mainly using the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette.  The first look is a super simple winter white classic look and would be perfect day wear for an office party.  (You could wear this at night too.  Glam it up with false lashes and a bold lip).  The second look is more of a smoky, cut-crease night look and would be perfect for a holiday or NYE party.


The Day Look:


Quick Steps:

  • Prime eyes with shadow primer.
  • Apply Divinity (light matte shadow) onto brow bone using a large shadow brush.


  • Using a tapered blending shadow brush apply Cashew Chew (light taupe matte) into the crease using windshield wiper motions, back and forth.



  • Using your finger, smudge Quartz from Lorac Pro Metals Palette (shimmery white shadow) onto the eyelid.  May use a consealer brush if it will be easier for you.  I smudged it onto my lower lash line and tear duct.


  • Slightly blend Cafe Au Lait (shimmery light taupe grey) into crease to blend any harsh lines with a small tapered blending brush.

FullSizeRender (1)


  • Tight line upper lashes (means water line, just below lashes) with a black gel liner & outer lower waterline.  (I went back using the concealer brush and smudged more Quartz into lower lash line.
  • Apply mascara (and falsies if you prefer a more dramatic look)

Night Look:


To take this look from day to night, all I did was apply darker shadow, liquid liner and glitter.


  • Using a small shadow brush, blend Earl Grey (dark shimmery grey blue) carefully into the crease. Avoid getting it on the eye lid to give it a cut crease look. Also smudge into outer lower lash line using the small tapered blending brush.

FullSizeRender (2)


  • Dab glitter onto eye lid.  Glitter works better with a glitter glue.  This way it will stick to the lid without falling all over your face.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any glue so I used my Revlon Photoready Eye Art (the white glitter).  It’s a gel glitter liner.  I applied on lid and dabbed it evenly out with a concealer brush then dipped it into the Too Faced loose glitter (Came in the Stardust palette) and gently dabbed it onto the gel.  Let dry.  Try to avoid looking up or scrunching your eyes until it dries because it will smudge into your crease.


  • Line upper lash line with a liquid liner or gel liner.  (You can wing it out if you prefer and add false lashes to glam it up even further).


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Chocolate Bon Bon Quick Look

I plan on doing a full review with swatches on this new palette by Too Faced soon.  I was able to play with it tonight and came up with a simple holiday eye look.  Perhaps I should say New Years look since that I am late on doing holiday make up and most people have probably already been to Christmas parties.  Oops!


The Look:




  1. Satin Sheets brow bone
  2. Almond Truffle crease transition
  3. Mocha crease/middle lash line
  4. Molasses Chip eyelid/tear duct/lower lash line & water line
  5. Dark Truffle outer V/outer lower lash line
  6. Blend crease well
  7. Slight wing with liquid liner
  8. Mascara x2 (can add lashes for more dramatic look)

This palette is gorgeous!!!  I can’t wait to play with it more and bring you more in depth looks.  Tonight was a sneak peek look.


MAC Warm Neutral Palette Quicklook

Hey beauties, I’m back from our wedding festivities and honeymoon!!!!!!  It was an amazing adventure, and I can not wait to share stories and photos with you all.  I will try to get to that soon, but today I’m going to do a quick natural eye shadow post for you.

The look: 



  1. Hey browbone
  2. Warm Breeze transition/crease
  3. Brule eyelid
  4. Saddle crease
  5. Dance In The Dark outer V.  Lightly smudged on upper & lower lashline
  6. Blend crease well
  7. Mascara


[Get Warm Neutrals Palette here]

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