Fall Purse Haul 2017

Technically fall is right around the corner, but to me it started September 1st, as it does every year in my book.  I’m one of those annoying people that breaks out the fall & Halloween decor early, start wearing boots and sweaters (even though it’s still 80 degrees outside) and naturally pumpkin spice everything.  OH and I can’t forget to mention FOOTBALL!!!! I can’t help it, I just LOVE this time of year.

I normally am not one to buy purses much anymore, (that was another story years ago) because I tend to carry small clutches now.  That being said, I decided to get some much needed new handbags since I purged my closet the other day and discarded several that were battered and tattered and what not.   So today I’m sharing with you some affordable styles I’m loving this year for fall (which you could carry these bags all year round, I just needed a good excuse for a purse post).

BACKPACKS ARE BACK!!  But did they actually go away?  I haven’t had a backpack handbag since I was probably in the 7th or 8th grade.  I remember it very well.  It was a black faux leather mini backpack with drawstrings.  I wonder whatever happened to it….ANYWAY….I’ve been noticing a lot more backpack style purses in stores and online recently and fell back in love with them.

The other day I was shopping with my sister and we both picked up this cute velvet floral backpack at the same time.  Great minds think alike!!  So what did we do?  Bought matching purses of course!!!

Victoria Floral Velvet Mini Backpack ($25):  Similar here and here

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10 Must Haves For Your Makeup Bag

There are so many makeup products in the beauty world today that it can be down right overwhelming trying to pick and choose what you need (or want).  If you’re a beginner starting out or need some guidance, these are the basic staples that I feel everyone should have in their makeup bag. Not only are they great for day-to-day use but they stand the test of time.


1.  Moisturizer/SPF:  A MUST HAVE for everyone.  Great skin starts with a moisturizer, in return moisturized skin makes a noticeable difference to makeup application.  Foundation applies smoother and more evenly to moisturized skin and it also helps make fine lines appear less noticeable. If you can find a moisturizer with an SPF then I highly recommend going that route.  SPF helps prevent the signs of aging and skin cancer due to sun exposure.


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Easy Glitter Glam Eyes

I did this super easy, glitter eyeshadow look last Friday for our “date night-in” and a tutorial was requested on it.  Here are the quick step-by-step instructions on how you can achieve this look as well.



  1. Prime eyes with eyeshadow primer (to prevent creasing).
  2. Apply Bronzed Bell glitter shadow by dabbing wand on to mobile part of eyelid, then lightly blend out with your finger or eyeshadow brush before it dries down.
  3. Dab Molten Midnight by making small dots on the outer V of your eyelid, then take a clean small blending or pencil brush and blend the dots up into the crease.  You could skip this step but it adds definition.
  4. Blend out any harsh lines with a clean tapered blending brush.  Tip: use back and forth windshield wiper motions to blend out crease.
  5. Apply eyeliner of choice.  I went with Urban Decay’s Blackout eyeshadow and smudged into upper and lower lash line with an angled shadow brush for a softer look.
  6. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

(I swear every time I do a closeup eye tutorial, I always have a one or two wild untamable eyebrow hairs 🙄 )

Other products used:

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How To: Wear A Graphic Tee

I think graphic shirts are so playful, fun and quirky and besides, who doesn’t love a good soft t-shirt?   I’ve noticed lately they tend to multiply in my closet (unbeknownst to me of course).  Does this happen to anybody else?  However, as much as I love wearing them, I do tire of the same ole “jeans/lounge wear & t-shirt” look.  Today I’m going to share some simple tips on how to spruce up those graphic t-shirts.

Four basic tips you need for styling graphic tee’s (or plain t-shirts):

  • TUCK– Play with tucking instead of just letting the shirt hang naturally.  There’s the classic full tuck (tuck shirt in completely then raise arms over head to untuck the shirt slightly then straighten out areas that may still be tucked in too much), the front tuck (tuck a small section of shirt into the center of waistband then pull the sides down so they fall out over the waistband) and the side tuck (same as the front tuck except tuck at either the left or right hip bone and pull down other side).
  • KNOT– This is a great way to style those oversized t-shirts.  Tie a front knot for a cinched waist or cropped top look.  Take it a step further and tie a knot to the side for an asymmetrical look.
  • BLING– Bling bling baby!  Pair with statement jewelry or shoes (or both) to dress up the t-shirt.
  • STRUCTURE– Think moto jacket, jean jacket, button down shirt, leather pants, pencil skirt, maxi skirt or fitted blazer.

Sample lookbook:


Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Urban Decay is turning up the heat this summer with this brand new 12 amber-hued neutral eyeshadow palette.  They have taken a whole new spin on the Naked collection by including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas.  This palette compliments ALL skin tones and can be used to create anything from warm sensual daytime looks to sultry-smoky nighttime looks.  The palette launches at urbandecay.com on June 23 and online at Sephora and Ulta on July 10 and in stores July 13, and retails for $54.

This is by far the sleekest packaging for an UD Naked palette.  It comes in an oversized “matchbox” and the palette itself is a hard plastic case with a 3-D effect inlay on top.

It also includes a full-size mirror and a double-ended brush.  One end is a fluffy tapered blending brush and the other is a large fluffy shader brush.

There are seven mattes, four metallic shimmers, and one satin shimmer.  Every shade is velvety in texture, rich in color, easily blendable with little to no fallout, non-creasing, and is long wearing.

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Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection

The launch of Too Faced’s Sweet Peach collection has been on my calendar since last spring when they first released the original Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette.  It sold out before I could blink, and I harassed all the Sephora/Ulta employees in the area until I was told it wasn’t going to be restocked and that it was a limited edition.    I even looked on ebay to see what they were selling for and after seeing them go for $200 or more, I decided it was a loss cause.  So with a broken heart, I decided to move on.

As months went by I heard rumors of a possible relaunch of the coveted palette, so you could imagine my excitement when those rumors claimed to be true!   On December 14, Too Faced launched an entire collection dedicated to this delightful peach theme.   TooFaced.com was expecting an extremely high volume of customers so they created an algorithm that created a virtual line in which you were chosen to shop.  Then once it was your turn to shop you only had a limited amount of time to make your purchases.  However, I don’t think they were expecting over 90,000 visitors to the shop the site for the new collection.  The launch created such a frenzy that it broke the internet!  Tons and tons of complaints poured over all social media platforms, as the virtual line kept crashing and pausing and throwing people in a panic.  I was one of these crazed shoppers that logged onto the website at 12:01 am and was shocked to see that my number in line was in the 12,000s!!!  I have never seen anything like this before, especially over makeup.  After about an hour of impatient waiting, I noticed the line wasn’t dwindling down, so I decided to take a nap.  I just so happened to wake up at 3:30-4:00 a.m. and lo-and-behold it was my turn!  Luckily I didn’t sleep through my place in line!  Sheesh…the things I go through for you guys (and ok, myself)!

I think people (including myself) were concerned that the palette was going to sell out again quickly.  TooFaced was reassuring everyone that there were plenty in stock and would be a permanent collection.  So no worries…there’s plenty in stock and can be purchased at Sephora, Ulta, Macys or TooFaced.com.

Originally, I only wanted the eyeshadow palette but once I saw how cute the entire collection and packaging was, I couldn’t help myself.  The palettes are made of tin with peach rivets or the raised peach logo, and each includes a mirror. The entire collection smells like peaches too!  If you aren’t a fan of peach scents then this may not be for you…but if so, you’re wrong.  🙂   This sweet peach bag was also included (via TooFaced’s site).  I mean who could resist right?

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e.l.f. Beautifully Precise Brush Collection

I get extremely excited about new launches, especially when said launches are affordable!  e.l.f. has stepped up their game in the brush world.  While I’ve always been a fan of the e.l.f. brushes in general, these are probably my favorite thus far.  Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, they are also decently priced to help with building a brush collection.

These brushes are custom designed with silver ferrules and clear triangular handles for ultimate control.  The bristles are made with luxuriously soft white-fiber hairs.  The brushes are also cruelty-free.

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Fall Makeup Trends 2016

Happy Fall Y’all!  Fall, as you know, is absolutely my favorite time of year!! There’s football, the impending hoodie weather, pumpkin spice everything, boots and best of all, new makeup trends.  So what better way to celebrate the first day of Fall than to share with you the trends I’m loving.


  • Heavy charcoal liner-  Think 90’s grunge.  I love the fact that heavy charcoal-lined eyes doesn’t have to be precise or perfect.  To get the look, line your eyes with a black khol pencil liner or gel, then smudge it out with black eyeshadow to darken it into a smoked out look.  This will also soften any sharpness from the pencil.  You can over line the upper lash line, or the bottom lash/waterline or both. Have fun with it!  MAC Khol Power Eye Pencil and Anastasia ‘Jet’ Waterproof Gel liner are my favorite two liners for these types of looks.


  • Graphic liner-  This is a very popular look on the runway this season but I probably wouldn’t recommend it for daily wear.  This would be a fun artistic look for a night out on the town.  Try reworking traditional liner into graphic modern lines.  Examples: Try winging out your cat eye further than you normally would, or by adding a second tail to the wing, or you could even bring the cat eye up into the crease creating a cut crease. Felt tip liquid liners are best for these looks such as Kat Von D Tattoo Liner or NYX Felt Tip Liner.  The Anastasia ‘Jet’ Waterproof Gel would work for these looks as well.


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July Favorites 2016

Here are all the products I’ve been loving the month of July!

(I purchased the Caudalie Beauty Elixir set which includes the foaming cleanser, detox mask and elixir – $49.  Great set for the value because it allows you to try all three products)



NYX Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray:  This spray sets your makeup to lock it in place all day while creating a dewy finish.  You can also use it during the day to refresh your look or to help break up any products that has caked up on the skin.


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Chloe + Isabel Semi-Annual Sale

Hey guys!  It’s been a while since we’ve had a sale so I wanted to share some of these gorgeous pieces with you and let you know they are now available up to 65% off until July 31st!!  Now is the perfect time to stock up on jewelry for fall!  Shop these pieces and more in my online boutique.


Rings as low as $13!!!

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Necklaces as low as $18 & earrings as low as $11.

Collage_FotorStatement pieces as low as $24


Shop here while supplies last!!