Blue Lace Romper + Paris

I have always had a love for Paris (even before visiting), there was always this magical pull that tugged at my heart-strings.  I have Paris decor in my beauty room and even our vacation rental is decorated in a Parisian theme.  A lifelong dream was always to go there and experience the sidewalk cafe’s, croissants, the yummy cheese, and of course to see the beautiful architecture and Eiffle Tower.  I finally got the chance to visit the beautiful city on a European trip the husband and I took last month.  It didn’t disappoint!

On our last night we watched the sunset on a rooftop bar and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  If you ever get a chance to visit Paris, I highly recommend finding a romantic spot and watching this phenomenon.

Before leaving, I was rummaging through a cute little boutique in Annapolis and ran across this amazing blue lace romper.  I tried it on and thought it would be a great date-night outfit in Paris.

Outfit details:

I kept it very simple with the accessories.  When I travel, I travel very light…like two weeks in a carry on type light (I plan on doing a how to post on this in the near future).  Besides, the star was the romper.

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10 Must Haves For Your Makeup Bag

There are so many makeup products in the beauty world today that it can be down right overwhelming trying to pick and choose what you need (or want).  If you’re a beginner starting out or need some guidance, these are the basic staples that I feel everyone should have in their makeup bag. Not only are they great for day-to-day use but they stand the test of time.


1.  Moisturizer/SPF:  A MUST HAVE for everyone.  Great skin starts with a moisturizer, in return moisturized skin makes a noticeable difference to makeup application.  Foundation applies smoother and more evenly to moisturized skin and it also helps make fine lines appear less noticeable. If you can find a moisturizer with an SPF then I highly recommend going that route.  SPF helps prevent the signs of aging and skin cancer due to sun exposure.


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Easy Glitter Glam Eyes

I did this super easy, glitter eyeshadow look last Friday for our “date night-in” and a tutorial was requested on it.  Here are the quick step-by-step instructions on how you can achieve this look as well.



  1. Prime eyes with eyeshadow primer (to prevent creasing).
  2. Apply Bronzed Bell glitter shadow by dabbing wand on to mobile part of eyelid, then lightly blend out with your finger or eyeshadow brush before it dries down.
  3. Dab Molten Midnight by making small dots on the outer V of your eyelid, then take a clean small blending or pencil brush and blend the dots up into the crease.  You could skip this step but it adds definition.
  4. Blend out any harsh lines with a clean tapered blending brush.  Tip: use back and forth windshield wiper motions to blend out crease.
  5. Apply eyeliner of choice.  I went with Urban Decay’s Blackout eyeshadow and smudged into upper and lower lash line with an angled shadow brush for a softer look.
  6. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

(I swear every time I do a closeup eye tutorial, I always have a one or two wild untamable eyebrow hairs 🙄 )

Other products used:

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How To: Wear A Graphic Tee

I think graphic shirts are so playful, fun and quirky and besides, who doesn’t love a good soft t-shirt?   I’ve noticed lately they tend to multiply in my closet (unbeknownst to me of course).  Does this happen to anybody else?  However, as much as I love wearing them, I do tire of the same ole “jeans/lounge wear & t-shirt” look.  Today I’m going to share some simple tips on how to spruce up those graphic t-shirts.

Four basic tips you need for styling graphic tee’s (or plain t-shirts):

  • TUCK– Play with tucking instead of just letting the shirt hang naturally.  There’s the classic full tuck (tuck shirt in completely then raise arms over head to untuck the shirt slightly then straighten out areas that may still be tucked in too much), the front tuck (tuck a small section of shirt into the center of waistband then pull the sides down so they fall out over the waistband) and the side tuck (same as the front tuck except tuck at either the left or right hip bone and pull down other side).
  • KNOT– This is a great way to style those oversized t-shirts.  Tie a front knot for a cinched waist or cropped top look.  Take it a step further and tie a knot to the side for an asymmetrical look.
  • BLING– Bling bling baby!  Pair with statement jewelry or shoes (or both) to dress up the t-shirt.
  • STRUCTURE– Think moto jacket, jean jacket, button down shirt, leather pants, pencil skirt, maxi skirt or fitted blazer.

Sample lookbook:


A Look Inside My Beauty Room

I have to brag on the hubby for a minute y’all.  He truly he is the best, and not just because he buys me makeup on occasion, but he fully supports me 100% and supports my goals and dreams.  Which is why he took me to Ikea one day and told me to pick out a desk and supplies for a vanity.  He cleared out a spare bedroom for me and helped me create my own little office/beauty space.  Now I can have clients in a separate, more professional environment and a personal space to work.  Although, he could have just simply been tired of me hogging all the bathroom space and devised a clever plan to kick me out.  🙂

It took a couple of weeks to complete, having to wait on orders to be delivered, having the time to put the 1,000 pieces together, but it was well worth the wait. So without further ado, here is my new space:




Quite a difference huh?  This bed is now in our basement for guests to use if they choose to forego the other two spare bedrooms upstairs.  I now call it the Holley Suite, because also in the basement is a living room area with a tv, gaming system and a huge sectional couch.  There is also a desk and full bathroom.  So really it’s a win win for everybody! [Read more…]



“Paint your pout with gilded glamour.” -Milani


These new limited-edition metallic matte liquid lip crèmes come in 8 different shades and are around $8.99 each.  You can pick them up at the drugstore or on They are bold and highly pigmented, these liquid lip colors apply with a shiny soft luster then dry to a smooth matte finish, without drying out your lips.  They are non-sticky, waterproof, non-transferable and very long-lasting, claiming to get up to 16 hours of wear.   I personally didn’t get up to 16 hours of wear but I at least got 8-9+ without having to re-apply, that was with eating and drinking too.  I will vouch that they do stay put!  I used a lot of makeup remover and had to do quite a bit of scrubbing to get the swatches (below) off my arm and I had my sister try them out too, and they passed the waterproof test.  She claimed it was still in place after a shower.


I highly recommend these if you are looking for a long wearing, affordable, smooth metallic-matte liquid lipstick.  Again, they are limited-edition so grab one (or all) while you can!!!  They do have a smell to them, albeit a pleasant one, that reminds me of butterscotch.  The smell doesn’t linger long, but if you don’t like strong scents you may not like this.  I normally don’t, but this one in particular didn’t deter me.



  1. Chromatic Addict – Beige
  2. Matterialistic – Rose Gold
  3. Matte About You – Coral
  4. Cinemattic Kiss – Pink
  5. Dramattic Diva – Hot Fuchsia
  6. Mattely In Love – Red
  7. Automatic Touch – Wine
  8. Raving Matte – Purple



(My swatching got a little janky…oops)

If you want to see a certain lipstick color on the lips let me know.  I couldn’t swatch these on my lips in one sitting, as I would no longer have any lips left after scrubbing each of these off. 🙂


The Shirtdress-Why It’s Perfect For Spring

Spring is in the air….SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!!!!  At least it was here in the DC area last week.  We had 70 degree, sun shiny weather, just long enough for a teaser.  I even got to throw the top halfway back on my Jeep for a few days (was still a little too chilly for complete toplessness).  Which brings me to the topic of clothing.  By March, I’m usually tired of sweaters, pants, jackets, boots, etc.  The teasing warmer weather makes me ready to break out those summer dresses, sandals, flip flops, pedicures that you can actually see….you get the point.  So this leads me to today’s post and why I think the “shirtdress” is the perfect dress for spring.


Express     |      Express    |      Target

A shirtdress is basically an oversized version of a button down shirt and they come in all kinds of prints, colors and fabric.  The versatility of a shirtdress is just about endless.  They can be casual, chic, dressy and even sexy, if styled correctly.  For those cooler days/nights you can unroll the sleeves for added warmth or roll them up on warmer days.  They are perfect for a cold-to-warm weather transition, and can be worn to work (long as they are length appropriate, knee length), lunch dates or for a night out.


  • BELT IT  

-Usually the shirtdress comes with a matching belt, which helps elongate the body and gives the dress a waistline for a feminine shape.

-Forego the matching belt and style with a regular belt, wether it be a solid color or print.

-For a even bigger punch, style with a colorful scarf for the belt.

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Outfit Post: Comfy Cozy

It feels like I was just complaining about it being 70 degrees in December and now I’m complaining about the weather being in the 20’s!!!  Brrrrrrrrr.  Are we ever happy?

I like being comfy, cozy and warm on these bitter cold days, as I’m sure you do as well.  Here is an outfit I put together on such a cold day:


(For extra warmth, pair with riding boots and a chunky scarf)


(Add an accessory with a pop of color for more flare)


(I finished off the look with simple jewelry pieces)

Shop the look:

  • Gap turtleneck sweater – similar here and here
  • Express black distress jeans – similar here and here
  • Mossimo leopard flats – similar here and here
  • Coach red shoulder satchel – similar here and here
  • Baublebar Staples Chain studs – exact here
  • Pave Bar long pendant necklace – exact here  [SKU #N341GCL]
  • Atlas Toggle bracelet – exact here  [SKU #B284]

 (You could dress this look up for the office by adding dress slacks or black dress skinny pants, leopard heels and a statement necklace like below)


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Chocolate Bon Bon Quick Look

I plan on doing a full review with swatches on this new palette by Too Faced soon.  I was able to play with it tonight and came up with a simple holiday eye look.  Perhaps I should say New Years look since that I am late on doing holiday make up and most people have probably already been to Christmas parties.  Oops!


The Look:




  1. Satin Sheets brow bone
  2. Almond Truffle crease transition
  3. Mocha crease/middle lash line
  4. Molasses Chip eyelid/tear duct/lower lash line & water line
  5. Dark Truffle outer V/outer lower lash line
  6. Blend crease well
  7. Slight wing with liquid liner
  8. Mascara x2 (can add lashes for more dramatic look)

This palette is gorgeous!!!  I can’t wait to play with it more and bring you more in depth looks.  Tonight was a sneak peek look.


Fall 2015 Clothing Haul

Today I’m continuing the fall haul posts with my recent clothing purchases.  Not all the pieces are “fall” related but I wanted to share them with you anyway.  Where shall we start?


  • Express black faux leather asymmetrical front zip pencil skirt- Purchase here
  • Express black faux leather asymmetrical fringe skirt- Purchase here
  • Express black scuba legging- Purchase here  **These are on sale at the outlet store right now for 30% off**


[Side note:  I never pay full price for anything at Express.  I always wait for their coupons or a major sale.  Coupons are usually always available online or by signing up for their email list.  Take advantage of this.  Huge savings.]

  • H&M grey pencil skirt- Similar here


  • Xhilaration tan suede skirt-  Purchase here


  • Express white crochet pencil skirt-similar here
  • Express white distressed jeans- Purchase here


(I wear white after labor day)


  • Express lace back sheath little black dress- Purchase here



  • H&M white lace kimono- Purchase here (FYI…It was only $15 in the store)
  • Express one eleven double v neck crop top- Purchase here (no longer in grey)
  • Xhilaration aztec kimono- Not available online. Similar here


  • Star Wars muscle tank- Purchase here
  • Batman sweatshirt- Purchase here (Ok…it is a child’s shirt lol)


(This is my inner geek/child coming out)

  • Bride muscle tank- Purchase here
  • Fancy graphic tank- Purchase here


  • Express v neck lace up tunic- Purchase here


  • Express cross back cut out tank- Purchase here


Red lace back tank from TJ Maxx- Not available online


H&M sheer pineapple shirt- Not available online


Stay tuned for these pieces in upcoming outfit posts.   What fall purchases have you made this year?

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