Easy Deer Halloween Makeup

Here is another last minute easy Halloween costume idea that you could create with products you probably have on hand.  My husband is a big deer hunter, so he was my inspiration for this one.

What you’ll need:

  • Foundation
  • Light concealer
  • Light matte brightening/highlight powder or light powder
  • Bronzer and/or contour stick
  • White, brown & black eyeshadow
  • White & black eyeliner
  • False eyelashes & lash glue (optional)
  • Deer antlers (optional)

Get the look:

  1. Apply foundation as normal.
  2. Apply the lightest concealer you have to the center portions of your face and blend out.
  3. Using a dark contour stick or bronzer, start building the perimeter by bronzing the outer portions of your face, sides of nose up into the brow bone then blend.
  4. Set the areas that you applied the concealer with a light matte brightening powder to brighten the center of the face even more.
  5. Using a contour or powder brush, heavily (and I mean heavily) apply bronzer around the outer portions of your face again to deepen the color.  (You can use brown eyeshadow too if you don’t have a deep enough bronzer)
  6. Fill in your eyebrows with the brown shadow and blend down the sides of the nose.  Apply the brown shadow into the crease of the eye and blend.  Then apply a white or light eyeshadow to the lid.  Blend any edges you may have.
  7. Using black eyeliner create a wing liner and using white eyeliner create an exaggerated white line along your lower lash line ending at a point facing towards the bottom of your nose.  Using a fine-pointed brush, draw a new faux lower lash line below the white line you just made stopping before the downward point with the black liner and make little eyelashes on the lower part of the line.
  8. Using black eyeliner, fill in around your nasal tip and down the center line to your lips.  Outline the upper lip line and extend the corners outward and fill in the top lip only.
  9. To finish up, take white eyeliner and trace out the circle deer spots and fill them in.  Then apply your false lashes (I recommend going bold to create those big doe eyes).  If using antlers anchor them to your head.

(In case you’re wondering I got the bling cat ear headband in the dollar bins at Target)


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