Easy Scar SFX Halloween Makeup

In need of a last minute Halloween costume idea?  Here is a quick and super easy way to create nasty scars to your face (or body).

What you’ll need:

  • Rigid Collodion– Is a clear liquid that puckers the skin as it dries, to create the appearance of a scar.
  • Lipliner, lipstick or face paint  (deep red/brown for an older scar or bright red or pink for a fresher scar)

How to:

  1. Draw out your scars with lipliner, lipstick or face paint of choice.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Rigid Collodion on top of the scars.  For deeper scars, apply several coats after each previous one has dried.

If you wanted to do a simple flesh scar, you could forego the color all together and just apply the Rigid Collodion straight to the skin.

To remove simply peel off like a sticker and remove any residue with spirit gum remover or soap and water.

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