“Friday the 13th” Jason Voorhees Halloween Makeup

What is Friday the 13th without a little bit of Jason Voorhees?  Which means, how could I not celebrate this day without recreating the mask?!  Right!?  Any Friday the 13th fans out there?

What you’ll need:

  • White face paint
  • Black face paint (could also use black gel eyeliner or eyeshadow)
  • Red face paint (lipstick could be used as a substitute)
  • Gray, black and brown eyeshadows
  • Translucent colorless powder or baby powder
  • Glue stick
  • Bald cap (optional) – If using a cap you’ll need spirit gum and spirit gum remover
  • Three flat washers and eyelash glue or an adhesive (optional) or silver face paint or eyeliner
  • Fake blood (optional)

Get the look:

  1. Cover eyebrows with a glue to stick to block them out.  To see how click here.
  2. If using a bald cap, slick hair back with gel and tightly braid or pin as close to the nape of the neck as possible.  Be sure skin is clean and fit cap to head.  Trace around your ears and cut away the excess.  Roll back the edge of the cap and apply spirit gum or adhesive to skin in the shape of the cap.  Allow gum to become tacky and press the cap down into place. Smooth out the edges of the cap, and allow it to dry for a couple of minutes.  Apply more spirit gum around the seam to help strengthen and hide the seams of the bald cap.  Allow to dry.
  3. Apply white face paint over entire face (except eyes) and up onto bald cap in the shape of a hockey mask.  Set with powder.
  4. Draw the mask’s straps by outlining them out with eyeliner or black face paint on either side of the face right above the ears, and another in the middle of the forehead straight back across bald cap.  If you’re not using a cap, just draw it up into the hair-line.  Fill in straps with black paint, shadow or eyeliner.
  5. Glue washers on the front center of each strap.  If you’re not using washers you can paint on the circular hardware with the silver paint or liner.
  6. Draw in the triangles on the mask with red face paint or lipstick and fill in.
  7. Very carefully draw in the black circles of the mask as symmetrical as possible.  The easiest way I found to this, was by dipping the cap of my eyeliner pencil in the black face paint and making a stamp out of it.  I then stamped it all over my face and filled in the circles with black face paint.
  8. Fill in the eye circles with black face paint or eyeliner and set with black eyeshadow to keep from creasing.
  9. Shade around the circle of the mask using a shadow brush with gray and/or black eyeshadow to create the shadow of the mask.

You could stop there, but I stippled black, red and brown face paint onto the scalp, down my neck and chest to give him that dirty look.

Then I stippled fake blood to the mask and scalp.

Had to throw in a little dark humor here.  Michael Myers is actually my favorite slasher character and I just so happen to have a head lying around…. Who do you think would win in a fight?

Hope everyone enjoyed my take on Jason!  Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!


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