Gouged Out Eyes SFX Halloween Makeup

Kids….don’t run with scissors….

Here is an easy tutorial on how to give the illusion of missing or gouged out eyes.  Perfect for Halloween or to freak your friends and family out with.

I love doing these type of special effect makeup looks.  It’s really a fun way to be creative and pushes me outside the box.

What you’ll need:

  • Tissue
  • Elmer’s glue or Liquid latex
  • Glue stick
  • Palette spatula, popsicle stick or disposable sponge
  • Black face paint or gel eyeliner
  • Foundation or concealer that matches skin tone
  • Black, red, brown eyeshadow (for bruising)
  • Scab blood and/or stage blood
  • Stippling sponge or Q-Tips

Get the look:

  1. Start with freshly cleansed skin.
  2. Apply a layer of glue from the glue stick on the brows and brush upward.  Allow to dry.  This will help protect the hair from the adhesive in case you get any on the brows.  (I’ll just say ouch).
  3. Rip up tissue in several small jagged pieces and be sure there are no straight-edged pieces. This will become the damaged skin around the eyes.
  4. Cover eye area with black face paint or gel eyeliner.  You could do this after applying the tissue but I found it easier to do first.  (Be sure to not bring it too high up or down so the adhesive will be able to stick to your clean skin.)
  5. Apply a layer of Elmer’s glue or latex around the eye area.  If you are using latex, be extremely careful because it does contain a bit of ammonia and can cause your eyes to burn and water.  And watch those eyelashes!!!
  6. Stick down ripped tissue pieces, one at a time around the eye area.  Once it dries down a little apply another layer of adhesive on top of the tissue and smooth it around the outer edges with a spatula, popsicle stick or sponge.  (DO NOT GLUE IT TO YOUR ACTUAL EYE/LID/LASH AREA!) Add another layer of tissue and allow to dry down.  Repeat 2-5 times, depending how thick you want your wounds to be.  I applied about 5 layers.
  7. Once adhesive is completely dry, lightly tug on the “skin” around the inside of the eye socket area to give it that loose hanging damaged look.  Go back in with the black face paint or liner and cover up any blank spaces around the eye and set with shadow.
  8. Apply foundation or concealer over eye area to blend into the skin and can apply to the rest of the face if you wish.
  9. Using an eyeshadow brush, dab red, brown and black eyeshadow around the eye area to create the bruising and skin irritation.
  10. Apply scab blood and/or stage blood with a stipple sponge or q-tip.

[Sidenote: If you’re doing both eyes and are going to a party, you can glue a black mesh across the eye before you apply the tissue, so you’ll be able to see somewhat.  Might be hard to walk around with both eyes shut]

“Drats, I can’t see a darn thing…”

I am all about the scare and gore at Halloween time.  Would you wear this gory eye look?  Or do you prefer more glam type looks?


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