Jack Skellington Halloween Makeup

Halloween isn’t complete without some sort of “skull” look.  This year I turned to Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s, “Nightmare Before Christmas” for inspiration. I wanted to make Jack a tad more scary so I gave him angry shaped eyes.

What you’ll need:

  • White eyeliner pencil
  • White face paint
  • Black face paint
  • Translucent, white or baby powder – nothing with pigment – white eyeshadow would work too
  • Black and grey eyeshadow

Get the look:

  1. Start by covering your eyebrows with a glue stick.  See how here.  This is optional, but it hides the hair and helps the face paint blend in better.
  2. Draw in the shape of the eyes you want with a white eyeliner pencil.  If you make a mistake or dislike the shape, you can easily wipe it away.
  3. Paint your entire face, except eyes, with a white face paint.  Set with powder.
  4. Fill in eye sockets with black face paint, paint on nostrils in a tear drop shape and fill in lips and draw matching lines on either side of the mouth extending towards the ears.  For the teeth, simply draw thin lines through smile in a small curve facing the mouth.  Set with black eyeshadow.  (I actually ended up wiping off my original nostrils because I didn’t like the placement.  I moved them down lower and covered my own).
  5. Using a grey eyeshadow, take a small shadow brush and shade in eyebrows (shape of your choice) and shade under the eye socket to create depth.
  6. To create the neck, paint a straight line (about 1-2″ wide) down the center of your neck with white face paint.  Set with powder.
  7. Fill outer portion of neck with black face paint and set with black eyeshadow.  You can shade in the neck with grey shadow to create a vertebrae.

Pretty easy huh?!



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