Monster Mouth SFX Halloween Makeup

AAAAHHHHH!  Do you ever have nightmares?  Well this post won’t help!  This is probably the scariest Halloween look I’ve done so far, and I had a $h*t ton of fun doing it!  Keep reading to see how I transformed myself into a flesh eating monster.

What you’ll need:

  • Black eyeshadow
  • Black, green and yellow face paint
  • Red face paint or lipstick
  • Foundation or concealer to match your skin tone
  • Colorless or baby powder
  • Paper towel
  • Cotton ball
  • Liquid latex or Elmer’s glue
  • Fake blood and/or coagulated blood (optional)
  • Fake fingernails (I used oval shaped but you can use square and cut them into teeth)

Get the look:

  1. Apply black eyeshadow sloppily all over eyelids, crease and under the eyes.
  2. Using an eyeliner or whatever you have on hand, draw the shape of your mouth, extending down the neck onto the chest.
  3. Rip up strips of a paper towel and roll into cylinder shapes and working in sections adhere around your mouth using liquid latex or glue.  To do this, lay a thin layer of the adhesive around the perimeter of the mouth and press the paper towel into the latex. Be sure outside edges are smoothed out but they don’t have to be perfect for this look, since you’ll be adding blood. Once the area is dry repeat the process but don’t roll the paper towels.  Allow jagged edges of paper towel to hang towards the inside of the mouth area.  Apply latex on top of paper towel and allow to dry.  This gives it that skin like feel and texture.
  4. While the latex is drying, you can add black shadow around the face to dirty it up or contour it however you want.
  5. Once the mouth area is dry you can go in and rip off any excess paper towel pieces if you wish.  I tore some of mine off because I didn’t want too much skin flap around the sides.
  6. Apply foundation around the latex to blend into your skin and set with powder.
  7. Fill the inside of the mouth with black face paint and heavily set with black eyeshadow, as face paint creases easily.
  8. To apply the nails to the face, dip the ends in liquid latex and apply a small amount of cotton from a cotton ball to the end.  (This gives it something to hang onto when you apply it to the face).  Allow to dry slightly and apply more latex to the cotton then apply to paper towel.  Hold in place for a few seconds until secure.  Add more liquid latex around the teeth to create the gums.  Rip off more small pieces from the cotton ball and apply to latex and add more as needed to cover the cotton.  Not only does it give the mouth gross textured gums, it adds extra hold to the teeth.  Allow to dry completely. [Sidenote: If you’re using Elmer’s this may not work as the glue may not be strong enough to hold.  You’d have to hold down twice as long to allow it to try.  I’d recommend lash glue as an alternative]
  9. Apply green and yellow face paint to the teeth to give them a rotten effect.  You could also leave them white.
  10. Using red paint or lipstick shade the area around the mouth to give it that raw ripped effect.
  11. Stipple fake blood around the mouth and any areas on the face you’d like.  I wanted to use coagulated blood to give it more of a clotted deeper feel.  As if the monster had been chewing on flesh.  I applied it around the torn paper towels, around the gums and made tears and blood drips out of it.

You could do this whole look with paints only to give it a more cartoony look.  Draw the mouth out, then the teeth and paint in the teeth before filling in the mouth with black paint.  Then add your fake blood if you choose.  Red lipstick would work too.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to chew with your mouth open?

Sorry, not sorry if this gives you nightmares….



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