“It” Pennywise Halloween Makeup 2017

“We all float down here…!  You’ll float TOO!!!!”

I love Stephen King and have a general love for horror movies.   The original It movie made me terrified of clowns when I was a kiddo (still not a fan), so it made sense to dress up like one, right?

Here is how I became Pennywise.

What you’ll need:

  • White face paint
  • Black and gray eyeshadow
  • Red face paint or lipstick
  • Translucent, white powder/shadow or baby powder- colorless
  • Orange/red wig
  • Bald cap (optional) – but highly recommended for Pennywise’s large forehead
  • Spirit gum (and remover) or a skin safe adhesive – if using cap
  • Fang like teeth (optional)

Get the look:

  1. If using a bald cap, slick hair back with gel and tightly braid or pin as close to the nape of the neck as possible.  Be sure skin is clean and fit cap to head.  Trace around your ears and cut away the excess.  Roll back the edge of the cap and apply spirit gum or adhesive to skin in the shape of the cap.  Allow gum to become tacky and press the cap down into place. Smooth out the edges of the cap, and allow it to dry for a couple of minutes.  Apply more spirit gum around the seam to help strengthen and hide the seams of the bald cap.  Allow to dry.
  2. Cover eyebrows with a glue to stick to block them out.  (Optional-it hides the hair and helps the face paint blend in better.) To see how click here.
  3. Apply white face paint over entire face and up onto bald cap.  Generously set with the colorless powder.
  4. Adjust wig and fill in ears with white paint and any other areas of skin that may still be showing.
  5. Stipple gray and black shadow around forehead, temples and lightly around face to dirty up his skin.  He has crackle like skin so I added a few squiggles around the forehead and smudged them out with gray shadow.
  6. Lightly shade in those high arched eyebrows as symmetrical as you can get.
  7. Smoke out your eyes (lids and lower lash line) with a black or dark gray shadow.
  8. Since the new Pennywise doesn’t have the typical circular nose, I flared my nose out and applied the red paint to the sides of my nostrils and and across the tip.
  9. With that same red paint, slowly draw on those iconic smile lines being careful to make them as even as possible.
  10. Pop in your scary teeth and hair spray his hair out and up.  Pennywise does have a widow’s peak but I didn’t want to cut the wig in case I use it for something else.  You could cut a chunk off the back and glue the hair in the center of the forehead against the wig line to form the peak.

(I didn’t have my ring light on, clearly.  Sorry about the lighting and quality)

The Pumpkin Spice shirt really completes the look I think….




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