She-Ra Pop Art Halloween Makeup

I wanted to do a different take off of the pop-art comic character I did last year, but make her into someone who was a childhood hero of mine.  Wonder Woman has been done to death this year, so I chose to do She-ra. Nothing against Wonder Woman (I loved her too), I just wanted to do something different and I haven’t seen She-Ra anywhere.

Growing up, I had a She-ra doll and her winged unicorn, Swift Wind. I played with those items ALL the time and couldn’t wait to have long blonde hair, which is probably subconsciously why have long blonde hair today.

What you’ll need:

  • Black gel eyeliner or face paint
  • Yellow face paint
  • Red lipstick or face paint
  • White face paint
  • Foundation/powder
  • Taupe eyeshadow
  • Translucent colorless powder or baby powder
  • False lashes & lash glue
  • She-ra’s headpiece (can hand make or buy one off Amazon or Spirit Halloween stores).  I handmade mine with thick watercolor craft paper.
  • Sword

Get the look:

  1. For the headpiece, I stenciled it onto a watercolor paper (a rough, thick & sturdy paper) by looking at a reference photo on Google.  Then I cut out the shapes and painted it with my yellow face paint and ran a black eyeliner pencil over the markings (I’d recommend a sharpie or black paint.  The pencil didn’t work all that great.  It smeared and was choppy).
  2. Apply foundation as normal and set with powder.
  3. Apply a taupe eyeshadow color to the eye lid.  For outlining, you can go in any order you prefer but I like to start at the top and work my way down all the major features with black liner or paint.  (Eyebrows, eyes, lash line, lashes, nose, cheek contour, around the jawline and collar bone.)
  4. Block out the eyebrows.  Line them in the shape you want and fill in.
  5. Define the crease with a line and line upper lash line creating a wing.
  6. Apply false eyelashes.
  7. Use either white eyeliner or white paint to create a white line along your lower lash line.  Using a fine-pointed brush draw a new faux lower lash line below the white line you just made with the black liner or paint and make little eyelashes on the lower part of the line.
  8. Trace around your nose and draw a line down the bridge, slightly off-centered and curve at the tip.
  9.  Draw lines down your cheekbones and jawline.  Draw lines on your collar bone too.
  10. Apply red lipstick as a lip base, then use white to give a highlight to the lip. To finish the lip, outline in black liner.
  11. For the sides of the headpiece, I applied lash glue to the sides and held to my temples until it dried.  Then I taped the back of them with scotch tape to my face for extra support.
  12. I outlined the shape to the forehead piece with a white eyeliner pencil and filled it in with yellow paint then filled the circle on the piece with red paint.  Then outlined it with black paint.
  13. Same for the neck choker.  Outline it with white eyeliner and fill it in with yellow paint.  Afterwards, outline it in black paint.
  14. For the bodice I traced out the heart shape neck line with the white eyeliner and drew the wings on the corners.  Filled in the bodice with white paint and the wings with yellow.  Then outlined everything with black.  This part is technically optional bc if you’re wearing this to a party, you’ll more than likely be in a costume and not strictly in body paint.

I ended up changing the shape of my chin outline last minute.  I had a line across it but decided I didn’t like it so made it into a small vertical line.

She-Ra….Princess of Power!!!!!


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