Zombie SFX Halloween Makeup

This is my favorite look that I have done so far.  It’s pretty close in the running with the Monster Mouth.  I took the term “make under” to a whole new level with this one.

This is how I zombiefied myself.

I think I could be an extra on The Walking Dead!

What you’ll need:

  • Liquid latex or Elmer’s glue
  • Cotton balls
  • Something with texture (i.e. Cornflakes, oats etc.)-optional
  • Red, yellow, green and black face paint
  • Eyeshadows: Red, brown and black
  • Disposable sponge
  • Palette spatula, orange (manicure stick) or popsicle stick
  • Fake blood (stage and/or coagulated) – You can get all of these type products off Amazon or Halloween stores


Get the look:

  1. Per usual, start with a fresh clean face then using a glue stick block out your eyebrows.  Apply a thick layer of glue all over the brows and brush upward and out.  Let dry and apply another layer.  This is protecting the hair from the adhesive you’ll be putting down.  (Glue stick washes right out)
  2. Paint around the lip area with the black paint and set with black eyeshadow.  Apply a layer of adhesive above the upper lip line and give yourself a mustache with a stretched out cotton ball.  While lip is drying, repeat step on chin area, dry.  Apply more adhesive around the mouth on top of the cotton and start pulling down strands of the cotton with spatula or popsicle/orange stick and press into lower portion and vise versa, to create the ripped skin.  Be sure to leave at least one small opening so you can drink something through a straw.
  3. I had no certain direction, rhyme or reason with this so have fun with it.  Apply adhesive in the area you want to add your texture if using any. I applied it all over my cheeks, temple and half of my forehead and took a handful of oats and stuck them into the adhesive.  Allow to dry and apply another layer of adhesive to seal it in.
  4. Over the other eye, repeat the same steps as you did with the mouth.  Apply adhesive over brow bone and apply some cotton on top.  While its drying, apply black paint around the eye area and set with black shadow.  Repeat on cheekbone under eye area.  (Avoid the sensitive skin under the eye.)  Again, apply more adhesive around the eye on top of the cotton and start pulling down strands of the cotton with spatula or popsicle/orange stick and press into lower portion and vise versa, to create the ripped skin look.  Be careful to not poke yourself in the eye.  Feel free to do this technique anywhere else on your face.  I pulled it across my nose and cheek to give myself rotten flesh holes.
  5. Once all the adhesive is dried down you could apply foundation to blend everything in, but it’s not necessary if you want it to be rotting and bloody.  Start shading, take your green/yellow face paints and sporadically stipple around the face to give the flesh a rotten effect.  Then go in with your eyeshadows and dab around the face to make it dirty and bruised.  Fill in the flesh holes and any white pieces of cotton that may be showing through with black paint.  You could also take the black paint and go in between all the cracks of the texture (oats) to give the skin some crackled depth.
  6. Stipple red face paint and fake blood all over your face to make it more gory, then you could add coagulated or scab blood around the face or blood drips down your neck or any other areas you wish.
  7. Go scare the bejesus out of people.

Y’all….I glued oats to my face, OATS!  I swear the things I do for y’all!

What’s your favorite zombie movie?  I think mine has to be Zombieland.  I love the dark humor in it.

Aw, sad zombie….must have not gotten that part in TWD it wanted.


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